Online programmes

Prepare for an ever-changing and uncertain future.

It has never been more important to understand and respond to the issues shaping the future. Recognising the increasing complexity of our global landscape and often inevitable choices for sectors which operate within competitive environments, we have developed an online portfolio which addresses the heart of strategic digital, financial and technological transformative innovation.

Our portfolio also focuses on the critical areas of leadership, how entrepreneurial ventures are created and financed, and what organisations are required to think about to strategically align themselves for future competitive advantage. Add to this the fundamental need to both integrate innovation into organisational strategy, and take positive steps to address corporate impact on the environment, our programmes help professionals to tackle world-scale challenges guided by Oxford faculty and their research.

Our online programmes fall into five categories, please read on to explore further or you can also download our brochure.

Why online programmes?


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Providing you with the essential knowledge and tools to guide your entrepreneurial journey. 

Pathways to success


Our bundles and stacks provide executives, leaders, managers, professionals and functional experts with specialised or broad development pathways based on their specific executive development needs.

Oxford Digital Finance Executive Series gives you the opportunity to create your own development pathway, comprising three compatible programmes, equipping yourself with critical skills to navigate the challenges of the Fintech industry.

Oxford Strategic Management Executive Programme develops essential management skills in leadership, strategy, and finance with a curated learning experience.

Options for organisations


We offer development options to support both individuals and organisations through our online programmes. If you are looking to integrate Oxford online programmes with your organisation’s Learning & Development strategy, we will work with you to offer tailored solutions to deliver an innovative learning experience across teams. 

Explore the options available to help drive growth and success for your organisation.


The elumni community


Participants who complete a Saïd Business School Executive Education online programme are automatically part of the Oxford Saïd Business School elumni community. This is a global community with professionals from 176 countries, working in diverse sectors such as finance, law, marketing, healthcare and energy. 

Our partners

Created and delivered in close partnership with leading online education providers. Each programme is a flexible, immersive and collaborative experience set over a series of modules. Oxford faculty and industry experts will guide you through discussions, group work and diverse learning activities.  

Research and insight

Access high-impact research from across the University of Oxford.

All our programmes are founded on critical thinking from Oxford Saïd and the wider University of Oxford. These include:


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