The School

Introducing our school


Welcome to Oxford Saïd

Soumitra Dutta, Peter Moores Dean

We aspire to be a world-class business school community, embedded in this world-class University, tackling world-scale problems.

The talents and efforts of our faculty, students, alumni and staff have translated into accomplishments that demonstrate that we are achieving our aim. The people at Oxford Saïd are exceptional, not only as measured conventionally but in the depth of their character. Our ideas, produced through rigorous research, are measurably changing the way leaders think and act, and in so doing, helping make businesses more effective and principled.

By bringing young and experienced leaders to Oxford Saïd, whether as undergraduates or MBAs, or as CEOs or Nobel laureates, we are at the centre of the most important issues of the day. 

World-class learning


Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford blends the best of new and old.

We are a young, vibrant, and entrepreneurial business school deeply embedded in the world’s most prestigious university.

We deliver cutting-edge education and ground-breaking research that transform individuals, organisations, business practice, and society.

We educate people for successful business careers and, as a community, we seek to harness our collective expertise and knowledge to help solve pressing global issues such as demographic change, natural resource scarcity and technological challenges.

Internationally renowned programmes

Our degree programmes and short executive education programmes seek to challenge traditional perspectives and produce powerful ideas.

We develop people who can analyse complex problems, devise pragmatic solutions and implement them as part of a team. Our alumni are some of the most desirable employees and leaders of the world's foremost organisations.

Why Oxford Saïd?

We are a powerful business school that produces powerful ideas. You will be challenged to think expansively:

  • What are the rules of the game: how do written and unwritten rules affect the performance of business?
  • What types of organisations, whether high growth, high impact, or high scale, will fundamentally change the business landscape?
  • How do we map the trends that will define the future of business? 
  • How do we educate and energise a community that can address these huge issues?

More than a backdrop: Embedded in the University

University statue

Tourists see Oxford as a historic site, a movie set, a place to be visited. For our students, it’s home.

Our degree students all have affiliations with one of the Colleges of Oxford. This is not only about fancy dinners, balls, and sporting events. Unlike schools which wall themselves off from their universities – if they are part of one, at Oxford, you will be confronted with different opinions that force you out of your comfort zone, speaking with amazing colleagues who study far-afield subjects, and who will challenge your thinking. 

You may be taught by faculty from other departments, or perhaps even study across departments, such as through our Oxford 1+1 MBA programme. The world and business are too big and too complex to be understood without appreciating the thoughts and expertise of others.

High aspirations, individually and collectively

We believe in developing business leaders who lead with purpose.

This involves both a high level of personal integrity, which we articulate in a set of core values that we aspire to live up to. Beyond that, we speak of 'tackling world-scale problems.' This audacious goal represents our responsibility to attempt to address the issues that will determine the world in which future generations will live.

Our values

In our work, we are guided by a set of core values:


We challenge constructively, provoke thought, and influence and inspire others to develop.


We are stronger together. We are inclusive, approachable, and value good communication.


We are caring, supportive, appreciative, embrace difference, and value each other's opinions.



We are a community who believe in sustainable growth, and are responsible, principled and transparent.


We embrace and encourage change and innovation. We are creative, flexible and brave.


We are professional, focused and aligned, and have a responsibility to do the very best we can.

Annual Review


Our review shares some of our accomplishments of the preceding academic year. Read about some of the great things that we’ve achieved.