Future Climate Innovators Summer School


  • Start date: 18 August 2024
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Time commitment: Full time
  • Age: 16-18 years old
  • Location: Oxford
  • Cost: £9,900

As the world grapples with an evolving landscape of climate change challenges, we are launching a bold new youth initiative.

For the first time, we are inviting change-makers aged 16-18 to participate in an inspiring and unique summer school programme led by world class experts.


The genesis for this Summer School came from the Burjeel Holdings Oxford Saïd Climate Change Challenge we ran in 2023. Alongside a global cohort, including the winners of last year's competition, you will take on the role of an innovator, confront the pressing climate issues head-on, and shape a sustainable future.

Get ready for a transformative experience where you can truly make a lasting impact.

Your journey begins here

Embrace this opportunity to be a part of a community committed to making a sustainable world. Your ideas matter and this platform is where they can become impactful solutions. Join us at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School this summer and begin an unforgettable journey.


A summer school like no other

Two transformative weeks at Oxford University


Over the course of your stay, you'll delve deeper into the challenges of climate change, guided by world-class academics and experts.

Transform your passion for environmental sustainability into actionable knowledge and skills, equipping you to drive meaningful change in the real world.


Collaboration, innovation, transformation

Engage in stimulating discussions, explore innovative solutions and collaborate with peers from across the globe. Together, you’ll forge a united front in the battle against climate change.

This is a unique opportunity to join a community of future leaders and take significant steps towards building a sustainable world.


Shape the future of sustainability

We’re not just preparing you for the future; we’re equipping you with the tools to shape it.

You’ll unravel the complexities of climate change, harness your creativity for problem-solving and develop actionable strategies for local, national and global impact.

Climate change is the greatest threat to humanity.
There has never been a more urgent time to inspire and mobilise the next generation of leaders, change makers and innovators.

Soumitra Dutta

Peter Moores Dean and Professor of Management

Five themes

1 - Air pollution

Air pollution lies at the intersection between climate change and human health. Industrial emissions and vehicle exhausts, as well household cooking and heating, all lead to significant respiratory and health issues. Sustainable methods to reduce air pollution, like green transportation and advanced filtration systems, are essential for improving public health.


2 - Extreme weather events

Extreme weather events - including tropical cyclones, droughts and heatwaves - are increasing in frequency and intensity. Mitigation and adaptation require new innovative approaches in weather forecasting and infrastructure design, along with sustainable agricultural practices.


3 - Water scarcity

Climate change is causing water scarcity in some areas and flooding in others. Each of these areas have their own history and distinct situation. Solutions sensitive to these challenges are key to ensuring clean water access for communities and include new water conservation techniques, innovative irrigation methods, and efficient resource management.


4 - Food security

The impact of climate change on agriculture threatens global food security, affecting nutrition and health. Exploring sustainable farming techniques, developing climate-resilient crops, and employing innovative production methods are vital for ensuring a stable food supply.


5 - Biodiversity

Healthy ecosystems act as natural carbon sinks, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and helping to regulate our climate. Conserving and restoring natural spaces on both land and water, and the biodiversity they contain, is essential for limiting harmful emissions and mitigating the impacts of climate change. 

Our supporters

This unique programme has been created following the generous support of Burjeel Holdings, whose gift enabled the 2023 Global Climate Change Challenge competition for young people and teachers.


We offer an experience like no other. Your time with us includes:

An intensive climate change curriculum

A rigorous academic curriculum with an emphasis on real-world impact and innovation.

Experience Oxford traditions

Experience life at one of the world’s most respected universities, with its rich academic heritage and vibrant campus life.

Networking and collaboration

Connect with a diverse group of peers from across the globe and leave with a network of change-makers.

Personal growth

From cultural events to sports, you'll enhance your social skills and enjoy a well-rounded experience.

Social events to build lasting friendships

Enjoy formal dinners in grand dining halls, casual get-togethers and themed parties - perfect for helping you build friendships that last a lifetime.

Week one

In your first week, you’ll explore critical environmental themes like air pollution, extreme weather and food security. This week lays the groundwork for understanding these complex issues and sets the stage for innovative thinking and solution development.

Prepare to delve into global environmental challenges and start your journey towards impactful solutions.


Your journey begins with a warm welcome and briefing from the programme team, there will be introductions and icebreakers. You’ll then embark on a college tour, offering a glimpse into Oxford's heritage.

The evening gathers everyone for a formal dinner, setting the stage for an engaging talk on climate change, designed to provoke thought and discussion.


Your day will start with a comprehensive lecture on extreme weather, offering vital insights into this critical aspect of climate change. Afterwards, explore Oxford with a guided walking tour.

The day’s activities will be rounded off with a consolidation workshop to reflect on what you’ve learned, followed by a debate session, honing your critical thinking and discussion skills.


The day offers an introductory lecture on the University of Oxford and in-depth lectures on air pollution.

Activities include a departmental visit, a workshop and finishes with an after-dinner talk on artificial intelligence, business and climate change.


Focused lectures on biodiversity are paired with an introduction to business proposal development. The day concludes with a relaxed BBQ dinner and other optional leisure activities. 


Water scarcity is explored through lectures and a museum visit. You’ll spend time developing your business proposals, followed by a dinner and an after-dinner talk on startup successes.


Today’s focus is food security, starting with a lecture followed by a visit to the University of Oxford Botanic Garden to study the effects on ecosystems. You’ll tour iconic Oxford colleges and have group study time for your proposals.

The day wraps up with a content review and a formal Oxford dinner experience.


The week wraps up with an off-site educational visit, giving you hands-on learning and bringing the week’s themes into a practical context.

Week two

This week you’ll apply your foundational understanding of environmental challenges to creating solutions, focusing on applying your knowledge, enhancing entrepreneurial skills and developing impactful business proposals. You’ll pitch your ideas, combining your learning to demonstrate how innovative concepts can address real-world climate challenges.


On Sunday, you’ll experience a quintessentially Oxford activity: punting along the city’s waterways. While the day is designed to be more relaxed, it remains an integral part of the programme, blending leisure with learning.

You’ll participate in interactive workshops, including an Oxford interview workshop, a valuable lesson that provides essential insights into the University's application process.


Today is all about entrepreneurship. You’ll dive into lectures on creating business plans and marketing strategies. Use these sessions to enhance your business proposal, applying what you learn in a practical context.

You’ll work with tutors who’ll guide and refine your ideas, turning them into feasible business proposals.


You’ll participate in a business pitch workshop to sharpen your presentation skills. It’s also the day to submit your draft business proposal, a significant milestone in your project’s development.


Join workshops on public speaking and university pathways to refine your communication skills and explore academic options.

The day ends with a chance for tutorial feedback on your proposals and group study time.


Engage in a career workshop linking your summer school experience with potential future career directions.

A resume clinic offers valuable tips for professional development, followed by more time for group study.


Step into the Oxford Climate Innovation Conference, where you’ll showcase your learning and networking progress.

The day wraps up with a leaving address and a graduation ceremony celebrating your achievements.


Today marks the end of this enriching and educational journey with us. It’s a time to reflect on your experiences and the lifelong connections you’ve made.

Your tutors

We pride ourselves on bringing together a diverse array of speakers who are at the forefront of climate change research and action.

The programme will feature thought leaders, industry experts and pioneering academics.

Research insights

More research and insights

Embedded in the heart of the world-leading, multi-disciplinary University of Oxford, we are surrounded by leading academics and experts who are coming up with insightful, thought-provoking and inspirational research and innovations to develop and share new paths towards sustainable business.

Learning outcomes

Our four learning outcomes will ensure you set yourself up as a future climate innovator.

1 - Practical application of theoretical knowledge

  • Apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios
  • Gain experience in crafting innovative environmental solutions
  • Learn to translate academic knowledge into practical actions

2 - Skill development for future innovators

  • Sharpen problem solving abilities crucial for success in any field
  • Refine critical thinking and communication skills for leadership
  • Cultivate attributes vital for future leaders and innovators 

3 - In-depth understanding of climate challenges

  • Explore the complexities of climate change and sustainability
  • Gain a comprehensive grasp of climate challenges through the five key themes
  • Develop impactful business proposals

4 - Preparation for advanced studies and careers

  • Build the groundwork for further academic pursuits in sustainability and related areas
  • Develop university applications and career planning skills thanks to input from expert advisors
  • Leverage the experience for opportunities at the University of Oxford and beyond


When you finish the programme, you will receive certification from the University of Oxford, a testament to your learning and achievements.

This not only recognises your hard work and dedication but also makes you stand out among your peers.

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Where you'll stay

You will experience life at St John’s College, one of the historic colleges of the University of Oxford, founded in 1555.

It's just a 15-minute walk from Saïd Business School, where most of your teaching will take place.

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You’ll be part of a vibrant community of students from around the world, immersed in centuries of academic tradition. The college is not just a place to sleep, it’s an integral part of your educational journey.

St John’s has a keen focus on environmental sustainability running throughout its operations, with a biomass boiler for hot water generation, geothermal heat pumps, low-energy lighting and solar panels generating electricity to power its buildings.

It is the perfect home while you're studying with us in Oxford.

Food, drink and refreshments


Throughout the summer school, food, drink and refreshments will be provided for you either at Saïd Business School, St John’s College, or at the other activities held across the University's sites.

This includes three freshly prepared meals each day, with all dietary requirements catered for.

Your safety

Oxford is a safe city and you will be well looked after whilst with us.

You will be staying in safe and secure accommodation in the heart of the historic city, with 24/7 on-site security. A dedicated team of fully trained and knowledgeable staff will also be there looking out for you.


Oxford city map

You will study and stay in the heart of Oxford, a stone's throw from the iconic city's sights - see where you'll be on the interactive map below.

How to apply

The Future Climate Innovators Summer School is tailored to motivated students aged 16-18 who are keen to explore and address climate change challenges.

We’re looking for students ready to contribute their ideas and energy to this crucial field. You do not need to meet any specific minimum academic requirements.

To attend the programme, you must be a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 18 years and 11 months old on 1 August 2024.

English language


In order to benefit from the programme fully, you should have a level of English of at least a B2 - upper intermediate level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language. You can ask your English teacher if you're not sure.

Application process

Applications take place in three steps. Begin step one by using the link to the application form on this page.

Step one - application form

Before you start, please note it is not possible to save your progress and return to it later.

You will be asked to complete three pieces of writing of approximately 300 words each. The questions are:

  1. Why would you like to attend the summer school?
  2. What skills would you like to develop by being on the summer school?
  3. What do you think you can bring to the summer school?

You will also need to provide information about your school and the name and contact details of a teacher who can provide a reference for you.

Step two - online video interview

Once you have submitted the online form you will be sent an email inviting you to do an online video interview, using a platform called Kira Talent. Follow the instructions in the email and on the platform.

The video interviews can be done in your own time as they are recorded, not live, and they should only take about 20-30 minutes to complete. You will have one week from the date you receive your invitation email.

Step three - our decision

We operate a rolling admissions process so will evaluate your application and interview videos as soon as possible. Please only get in touch if it has been more than two weeks since completing your video interview.

If you are successful, you must accept your offer by paying a deposit to secure your place.

Terms and conditions

Before applying, please read the full terms and conditions.

Ready to apply?

If you're ready to begin tackling the challenges that climate change brings, then apply now - we look forward to receiving your application.

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