The group's research focuses on a central theme: how to design, analyse and improve processes.

This includes processes within the traditional manufacturing and service contexts, but also within health care, the office and museums. Other areas of interest include operations strategy, supply chain management, reputation management, cyber security, and major programme management.

The group undertakes field work in the US, Europe, and Asia, exploring everything from the manufacture of toys in China through to health care process improvements in the UK.

Members of the group hold editorial positions with leading journals and their work has been published in the Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Management Studies, and Social Science and Medicine.

The group’s research has won a number of awards, including the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award; best paper and most cited awards at the Journal of Operations Management and the International Journal of Operations and Production Management; and an Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Fellowship.


Complexity transfer in supplier-customer systems(opens in new window)

  • Journal article
  • Luisa Huaccho Huatuco,
  • Janet Smart,
  • Anisoara Calinescu,
  • Suja Sivadasan
Mega Project Management
Technology and Operations Management
  • M Mukherjee,
  • R Ramirez,
  • Richard Cuthbertson
Technology and Operations Management

Service fitness ladders: Improving business performance in low cost or differentiated markets(opens in new window)

  • Journal article
  • International Journal of Operations & Production Management
  • R Cuthbertson,
  • A Hill,
  • S Brown,
  • B Laker
Technology and Operations Management

The concept of organisational projectification: past, present and beyond?(opens in new window)

  • Journal article
  • International Journal of Managing Projects in Business
  • H Maylor,
  • V Turkulainen
Mega Project Management
Technology and Operations Management

On the economics of additive manufacturing: experimental findings(opens in new window)

  • Journal article
  • Journal of Operations Management
  • M Baumers,
  • Matthias Holweg
Technology and Operations Management
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The intellectual diversity of our group is built upon a shared commitment that work in the field should be based on a broad, multi-disciplinary intellectual base. 

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