As a School, our focus is on tackling complex world-scale challenges. Our purpose is to prepare business leaders for the task of making the world a better and more equitable place.

Business in the future

What will business leaders need to consider when adapting to future challenges?

Read thought-provoking articles from our academics based on research and expertise, looking ahead to the next 25 years.


Celebrating 25,000 changed lives

As we celebrate our 25th birthday we are also proud to celebrate 25,000 participants of our online programmes with our partner, GetSmarter.

Climate emergency

We are facing a climate emergency and must urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions to stay below a 1.5C temperature rise. See how we are tackling climate change via our research, teaching and within the school itself.

Polar ice caps melting

When the world challenges, Oxford Answers

See how we bring young and experienced business leaders together to tackle today's important issues.

At a time of crisis, we make decisions that reflect our values. While survival and recovery are paramount, we have to be mindful of the type of world we create as we emerge from this challenge.

Sue Dopson

Interim Dean and Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Saïd Business School

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