Our research cluster seeks to explore key challenges confronting the professional services sector.

We are concerned with the professional firm as a distinct organisational form and the impact of this on processes of innovation and change. We are interested in the development and management of professional expertise and ethics, and examine social and formal processes by which these are nurtured and regulated. Research projects are focused around the observation and management of firms, the issues faced by people working within them and policy issues of concern to both clients and regulators.

Our members sit on the editorial board of several academic journals, including the Journal of Professions and Organization (JPO), and our work has been published in leading international journals as well as prize-winning monographs. The teaching team is also well known for its work in executive education and advisory work with professional firms.

News and events

Oxford Saïd conference on Professional Service Firms

A partnership between Saïd Business School and the Journal of Professions and Organization, this conference has taken place annually since 2015. In 2021, the conference examined how we can manage integration, integrity and Identity at the boundaries of professional practice. 




Strategic learning and development in professional services firms 

The business model of professional service firms is rapidly evolving. This series of papers seeks to answer some of the most important strategic questions on the agenda of professional services today.

Novak Druce Centre insights

This series aims to provide accessible summaries of research by members and associates of professional service firms. Derived from academic papers and books, but re-written and presented with practitioners in mind, it is designed to be thought-provoking and challenging. 



Our group teaches students at all levels on a range of programmes, including:

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  • Andrea Whittle,
  • Eero Vaara,
  • Sally Maitlis
Organisation Studies
Professional Service Firms
  • Mahima Mitra,
  • Michael Gill,
  • sue Dopson
Organisation Studies
Professional Service Firms
Health Care

Responsible leadership development: Gender, diversity and the route to the top(opens in new window)

  • Chapter
  • Responsible Leadership: Essential to the Achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • M Mitra,
  • A Athanasopoulou,
  • S Dopson,
  • M Smets
Health Care
Organisation Studies
Professional Service Firms

Strategizing across organizations(opens in new window)

  • Journal article
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • Rafael Ramirez,
  • Trudi Lang,
  • Matthew Finch,
  • Gail Carson,
  • Dale Fisher
Professional Service Firms
  • Andrew White,
  • Michael Smets,
  • Adam Canwell
Organisation Studies
Professional Service Firms
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