Oxford Executive Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business

Lead with impact in the age of digital disruption

Start date:


  • One year

Time commitment:

  • Part time


  • Oxford


  • £26,520

About the programme

The 2020s are an era of dramatic evolution to Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the core of our business lives.

AI, predictive analytics and other digital disruptions are transforming business models, processes and customer relationships across every industry. Organisations increasingly find themselves confronting moments of existential change. In this landscape of digital disruption, leaders need both the understanding and the tools to integrate AI into their overall strategy.

This new programme combines cutting edge academic learning with practical, front-line knowledge about the impact of AI. With like-minded, global professionals and university researchers, you will learn how to lead in the development, implementation and running of AI systems. This will give you the confidence to not only cut through the ‘spin’ but also drive long-term value creation and career progression. 

This immersive, interactive programme is built on the academic rigour of a specialised Oxford masters-level qualification, in a format designed to suit busy working executives. The diploma consists of four modules in Oxford, each lasting four days (Wednesday to Saturday), over one year.


  1. The landscape of technological disruption (10-13 February 2021)
  2. The business of data and machine learning (19-22 May 2021)
  3. AI in practice (21-24 July 2021)
  4. Strategic leadership in the age of AI (17-20 November 2021) 

AI at Oxford


The University of Oxford is at the cutting edge of the AI revolution

This postgraduate diploma will draw upon Oxford's broad artificial intelligence expertise as well as a diverse range of industry specialists.

We are proud that our research helps the lives of millions, with some of the most talented people from across the globe solving real-world problems through a huge network of AI partnerships and collaborations.

Expected class profile

On this diploma you will develop a network of lifelong value from your highly diverse, international and senior class.


Class size


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Employment sectors

AI is to the 2020s what railroads were to the 1880s - essential for success in all sectors. This programme will help you understand the implications of that for your business.

Dr Alex Connock

Co-Academic Director and Fellow in Management Practice (Marketing)

Oxford experience

Punting on the river

We are an extraordinary, cutting-edge, global business school community, embedded at the heart of a world-class university.

This unique position gives you exposure to the best of the business world and academia.

Each module provides substantive interaction and networking opportunities with classmates, faculty and industry guests - while simultaneously offering you privileged access to different parts of the historic University of Oxford and its colleges.
After you have completed the programme, you will become a member of the Oxford Business Alumni network (OBA), offering valuable ongoing networking and learning opportunities.


To you

  • Understand and master the application of AI in business - a long term, translatable career advantage
  • Gain an Oxford postgraduate qualification without giving up work
  • Build a global professional network 
  • Meet leading academics and industry experts
  • Boost your confidence and credibility at a senior level
  • Lifelong association with Oxford University

To your organisation

  • Immediately applicable content
  • Practical solutions to address AI and digital disruption
  • Access game-changing research
  • Retain and develop top achievers and high-potential employees
  • Find more organisational benefits

Meet the faculty

Our outstanding faculty bring access to world-class research, a wealth of industry experience and the ability to present complex concepts and lead high-level executive debate.

Scholarships for women

Female participants in classroom

We are committed to increasing the economic participation and influence of women. There are three scholarships on this programme for outstanding female candidates: one for 50% of tuition fees and two for £5,000 fee reductions.

AI shows a lot of promise, but there’s also a lot of hype. This diploma will cut through the hype and equip leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to drive real AI-enabled business growth.

Andrew Stephen

Co-Academic Director and Associate Dean of Research, L’Oréal Professor of Marketing

The Diploma and the Executive MBA

The diploma provides an optional pathway to the Oxford Executive MBA. Both programmes are assessed at the same postgraduate level. If you complete the diploma and then successfully apply for the Oxford EMBA you will receive exemptions from four courses, as well as a fee reduction.

Who can apply

This programme is designed for experienced professionals with five or more years' work experience.

You are likely to be working in a leadership role with some responsibility for strategy development and implementation.

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