Pathway to the Executive MBA

Emba class

Take your diploma further

The diploma can be the beginning of a longer relationship with Oxford.

While approximately 30% of diploma participants already hold an MBA, there is a proven pathway to the prestigious Oxford Executive MBA for those wishing to gain skills in the broader context of global senior leadership and entrepreneurship. The Oxford Executive MBA is designed as a modular programme in one-week blocks over two years to enable busy leaders to work full time without compromising on the learning experience.

Undertaking an Oxford diploma provides an opportunity to gain deep knowledge at masters-level in specific areas of senior level management and organisational leadership. The Executive MBA enables leaders and entrepreneurs to drive innovation and navigate change for their organisations in a wide range of challenging global contexts.

Diploma participants who successfully apply for the Oxford Executive MBA receive a fee reduction equal to 60% of their diploma programme fee, as well as four exemptions upon the successful completion of all four diploma assessments.

Applications for the Oxford Executive MBA can be made during a participant's diploma studies or afterwards. There is no time limit on the fee reduction and exemptions are valid for five years. The earliest Oxford Executive MBA class potentially accessible for diploma pathway participants is the September of the year after starting the diploma.  Please note that there is no automatic right of transfer to the Oxford Executive MBA programme and diploma students will be considered on the basis of their Executive MBA application.

The diploma to EMBA route was essential in enabling me to breakdown the rather large task of paying for and completing the Oxford EMBA. The three years I spent at Oxford completing both programs was a fundamental career and life turning point.

Alastair Collier

Head of Strategy, Solutions and Sustainability at National Grid, UK