Executive Diploma Scholarships for Women

Scholarships for exceptional female candidates

Networking event for women

One scholarship worth £10,000 towards the course fees is available for an exceptional female candidate on each of our Diploma programmes.

This scholarship aims to support female candidates of merit and encourage an increase in women considering senior leadership roles.

Scholarship details


£10,000 per scholarship.

Number available

There is one scholarship available in each diploma intake.

Eligibility criteria

Open to female candidates. 

Selection criteria

  • Academic achievement (assessed through CV, transcripts, and the scholarship statement).
  • Professional achievement; in particular, evidence of leadership or leadership potential (assessed through CV and the scholarship statement).
  • A desire to inspire/act as a role model (assessed through the scholarship statement).
  • A readiness and enthusiasm to become a committed ambassador for the School, representing the School’s values, both whilst on the programme and beyond (assessed through scholarship statement).

How to apply

Candidates must submit a complete Diploma application and upload a supporting statement (maximum of 500 words) in the 'Funding' section of the programme application form, addressing how they meet the scholarship selection criteria.


26 September 2022

Assessing candidate suitability

Candidates' suitability for these scholarships will be assessed via both the scholarship statement and the diploma application form.

The CV and transcripts submitted with the programme application may be used when assessing scholarship suitability. However, we recommend that any information you feel is important for scholarship assessment is highlighted within the scholarship statement.

Candidates are also encouraged to provide context where necessary; for example, if success has been achieved through individual determination, ambition or motivation.

Please note that the scholarship supporting statement is not used during the admissions process.

Meet our scholars

Scholars support IWD

We asked some of our Women’s Scholars from across Executive Degrees to share their thoughts on how we can support gender equality as part of our International Women's Day (IWD) celebrations.

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