MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership scholarships and awards profiles


Our MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership scholars and awardees have received funding in recognition of their past successes (both academic and professional). Their profiles provide a taster of their diverse experiences to date and their plans. 

2023-25 class

Amanda Banda

MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership Director's Award
Senior Associate, Health Policy and Politics, O'Neill Institute, Georgetown University

Amanda is a global health politics policy analyst, strategist, advocate and advisor to global health initiatives, governments, industry, philanthropy, bilateral and multilateral organisations on HIV, TB, Covid-19, health systems, health financing, human resources for health and intersectional sexual and reproductive health and rights.


Maju Brunette

MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership Scholarship for Women
Associate Professor, The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Maju is a Peruvian native who champions health equity for historically marginalised communities in the Americas. Drawing on her skills as an engineer and systems thinker, she co-designs global public health interventions through both a decolonising and gender equity lens.

Dr David Enrique Castellanos Marcia

MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership Director's Award
Supervisory Project Management Specialist in Global Health Security, USAID

Honoured with the Director's Award, David envisions coalescing a global health leadership network. As a physician, he is committed to sharing his expertise in international development in low- and middle-income countries and to shaping innovative healthcare initiatives worldwide.

Dr Bhavini Gohel

MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership Director's Award
Section Chief for Medical Inpatients Calgary Zone, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary

Her portfolio oversees the largest acute care admitting service. Her most recent projects included environmental sustainability in clinical care. She is also the co-founder of Grassroots Global Health, a not-for-profit that tackles complex global healthcare issues from a biosocial lens.

Fatima Umaru Ndanusa 

MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership Director's Award
Public Health Principal, Hampshire County Council
United Kingdom

Fatima is an experienced public health principal and emerging thought leader. She is passionate about inclusive, innovative and ethical partnerships that solve 'wicked problems' and maximise health system gains. Fatima is excited to have been granted the Director's Award and to be part of #Cohort2023!

Dr Edmon Obat

MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership Director's Award
Public Health Specialist, USAID Kenya

Obat, a Kenyan national, is a medical doctor and a public health specialist with over ten years of experience in leading and delivering highly impactful large public health programmes. He is excited about innovation and the use of emerging technology to improve medical care and population outcomes.

Isaac Omari

MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership Director's Award
Offshore Doctor and HSE Coordinator, DeepOcean Subsea Services Limited

Isaac has over a decade of clinical and leadership experience in diverse healthcare settings in Africa and Europe. He founded the Makoma Health Project, a transformative, community-centered initiative in Ghana, and is committed to creating more effective healthcare solutions.

Vash Singh

MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership Scholarship for Women
Medical Director Esus Centre

After working as a psychiatrist on eating disorders for ten years, Vash co-founded Australia's first integrated day hospital, with two female colleagues. Vash is passionate about empowering women leaders in healthcare and enhancing circumstances for women to achieve.

2022-24 class

Dr Abdihamid Shiekh Ibrahim

MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership Director's Awards
Acting Team Lead Operational Partnerships and Whole of Syria Health Sector Coordinator, World Health Organization EMRO

Abdihamid, a Somali national, is a medical doctor who already specialised in health systems management and leadership. He has over 14 years of experience in the health sector and worked with the private sector, NGOs, Government, and the UN mainly in fragile conflict-affected settings. Abdihamid has been with WHO for the last six years.


Dr Chantelle Fatania

MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership Director's Awards
Consultant in Public Health, Haringey Council
United Kingdom

Chantelle is a Consultant in Public Health. She is a specialist in public health and dental public health. She has delivered a broad range of healthcare programmes. She is delighted to receive the Director's Award and hopes to make a significant contribution to healthcare globally.

Celine Goetz

MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership Scholarship for Women
Associate Division Chief of Hospital Medicine, Rush University Medical Centre
United States

Celine is Associate Division Chief of Hospital Medicine at Rush University Medical Centre. She is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and on the board of the Midwest Society for General Internal Medicine. Professional interests include physician sustainability and high value care.

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