About us

Our goal is to maximise the impact of social entrepreneurship to transform unjust or unsatisfactory systems or practices around the world, and address critical social and environmental challenges.

We do this by:

  • developing change leaders of the future through world-class graduate education
  • delivering actionable insights through research
  • bringing together social entrepreneurs, thought leaders and key players in business, government and philanthropy to enhance social impact

Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

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Learn more about what makes the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship unique.

Skoll Centre Annual Review

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10 stories across the past academic year

Across 10 individual articles, we have shared the work that we are most proud of across the academic year of 2018-2019, the inspiring people that make it happen and our plans for the future.

2018-19 was a year of considerable growth. The Centre has seen massive gains in building its team, launching many new initiatives and reviewing our key priorities for the future. 

Skoll was a fundamental attraction for me, I knew that I could spend two years incubating ideas that could scale for the world

Tarun Varma

1+1 Pershing Square Scholar

What we do

We foster innovative social change through world-class education, pioneering research, and collaboration among business, policy, academic, and social leaders.

Our research and community are global in scope, and we use the power of networks to magnify the work of our researchers, students, and wider community beyond local and national boundaries.

In this section, you can read and engage with our work, as well as find out more about what we offer.

Developing talent through social impact education

Classroom in the Oxford Foundry

We offer a variety of courses, competitions and learning opportunities that equip Oxford MBA and other postgraduate students across the University with the knowledge, skills and connections to create positive, lasting social change. 

  • Skoll Scholarship – up to four fully-funded MBA scholarships awarded to social entrepreneurs each year.
  • Map the System – a global competition that asks participants to examine the complexity of a problem they wish to solve.
  • Awards and grants - funding and recognition of the impact work achieved by our students and alumni.
  • Social impact programmes for students – learn more about our Social Impact Lab and our leadership development opportunities for students of Oxford.

Find out more about the programmes open to you as a student at the University:

Catalysing social ventures

Oxford MBA Puja Balachander - Co-founder of Devie (audience choice winner for SVA 2019)

We offer advice and practical support to students and alumni and the wider Oxford community on the social and environmental impact of their ventures. 

We do this through a number of different offerings. 

  • Skoll Venture Awards provides up to £30,000 in funding to University of Oxford students and alumni who have started a business with social entrepreneurship at its core.
  • Skoll Venture Builder is a fast paced, collaborative and supportive workshop series for those with a social venture idea. (Only available for MBA students)
  • Randomised Coffee Trials are a great way for University of Oxford students to connect with the wider University and the local Oxford community. 



Research and insights to advance social impact

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We work with faculty and early career researchers at Oxford Saïd and beyond to enable high-quality research that generates insights to address pressing environmental and social challenges globally. Our aim is to connect researchers with social impact practitioners, catalyse new research ideas and communicate research findings to generate real impact.

Some of the activities to achieve this are:

Systems Change Observatory

A research initiative that focuses on the long-term empirical study of systems change efforts in the social impact space, including pathways, challenges and solutions.

Creating deep exchange through convenings

Peter Drobac on stage at the opening plenary of Skoll World Forum 2019

We offer a unique opportunity to hear from, network and collaborate with the worlds leading experts on social entrepreneurship through our programme of events. 

We pride ourselves in our ability to bridge learning and practice, providing a centre for collaboration between the world's most influential social entrepreneurs, academics and systems thinkers.

One of these major events is the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

The Skoll World Forum is the premier international platform for advancing entrepreneurial approaches and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. The purpose of the event is to accelerate the impact of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs by uniting them with essential partners in a collaborative pursuit of learning, leverage, and large-scale social change.

This event is run by the Skoll Foundation. The Skoll Centre hosts the event at the Saïd Business School annually running its own events alongside it, such as lively Oxford Union debates on social impact education.

Social Entrepreneurship

Erica Mackey with Off Grid Electric, fitting a solar unit

The practice of combining opportunity, innovation, and resourcefulness to address critical social and environmental challenges.

Thoughts on social entrepreneurship

We have pulled together a mix of academic papers, blogs, and reports that help explain the terminology, add discussion and debate on social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and social impact - all written by those within our network and community.

Classroom filled with smiling students sat behind desks.

We offer unique opportunities to hear from, network, and collaborate with the world's leading experts on social entrepreneurship.

We run numerous seminars, debates, lectures, webinars, and interactive workshops during the year. Many are led by policymakers, business executives, academics, and social innovators. All our events are open to University of Oxford students, and many open to the public. 


Skoll Centre Blog


Discover fresh thinking from the Skoll Centre's dynamic collection of bloggers on social entrepreneurship.

Here, you can find the latest stories, insights, and thought provoking ideas from the people behind the Skoll Centre and our global community of entrepreneurs. 

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