Visa requirements

Do you need a visa to attend your programme of study?

International students and short programme participants are usually required to have a student visitor visa in order to enter the UK. 

You do not need a student visa if:

  • you have a full British passport
  • you have a current passport from Switzerland, the European Union or the European Economic Area
  • you currently have a visa in another immigration category which has no restrictions on study that will be valid for the full length of your course


Support letter

What documents do you need to apply for a visa?

Most student visa applications require a supporting letter from the educational institution you will be attending.

We can provide a letter stating:

  • our offer of a place
  • confirmation of your name and address
  • the dates you are required in Oxford
  • details on your accommodation during your programme
  • programme fees and paid status

We strongly advise you to check the requirements applicable to your circumstances with the UK Immigration Office.


When should you apply for your visa?

    Please note that visa processes can take up to 100 days in some countries. We advise that you apply as soon as you receive your acceptance letter.

    You should allow sufficient time for the requisite Consulate/Visa Agency to process your application.