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At the heart of Saïd Business School is an emphasis on high-quality, academic research.

Through research, our community identifies the most important and interesting challenges facing the business world, attempts to make sense of them and proposes innovative, evidence-based ways to tackle them. The Oxford Saïd research community provides the fresh ideas, novel perspectives and intellectual power to enable the School and its students to have an impact.

Oxford Saïd’s research mission is to produce research of the highest quality that is rigorous, imaginative, and meaningfully relevant to, and impactful on, business practice.

Research Community Newsletter

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The Research Community Newsletter is distributed once a term.

Its purpose is to share ongoing faculty and researcher news that is of particular interest to other members of our internal research community, such as new grants awarded and new working papers made available. 

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Ownership dynamics within founder teams: The role of external financing(opens in new window)

Journal article  |  Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal  | 
  • Thomas Hellmann,
  • PH Schure,
  • C Tergiman,
  • DH Vo
  • Edika Quispe-Torreblanca,
  • N Stewart,
  • J Gathergood,
  • G Loewenstein
  • Felipe Thomaz,
  • C Salge,
  • E Karahanna,
  • J Hulland
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