World-class research

At the heart of Saïd Business School is an emphasis on high-quality academic research.

Through research, our community identifies the most important and interesting challenges facing the business world, attempts to make sense of them and proposes innovative, evidence-based ways to tackle them. Research also drives other aspects of our purpose as a school in that the provision of quality business education and meaningful, impactful engagement with external stakeholders should be grounded in research.



Common ownership, competition, and top management incentives(opens in new window)

  • Journal article
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • Miguel Antón,
  • Florian Ederer,
  • Mireia Giné,
  • Martin Schmalz
  • Juliane Reinecke,
  • Thomas B Lawrence

Transformation2: leading a mega-project turnaround(opens in new window)

  • Chapter
  • Megaproject Leaders: Reflections on Personal Life Stories
  • Bernard Naughton,
  • Harvey Maylor
Major Programme Management
Technology and Operations Management
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