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Goldman arm offers latest route into private equity investing
Research by Ludovic Phalippou, Professor of Financial Economics, featured in the Financial Times as they discussed investors assessing costs against expected performance. The research found that: ‘Private equity funds have returned about the same as public equity indices since at least 2006.’


Money, Money, Money: ABBA is back and bigger (business) than ever

Alex Connock, Fellow in Management Practice, commented on the success of ABBA in Fortune: ‘The ABBA catalogue is kind of a case study, were we in business school, of the resilience of IP—which underpins almost all the developments we've seen in media and tech in the 21st century.’  

Bridgepoint went public. Executive rewards stayed private

Peter Morris, Associate Scholar, commented in the Financial Times as they discussed the listing of private equity firm Bridgepoint: ‘The dearth of information about a listed company is a sign of a wider malaise,’ he said.