Careers support


Supporting lifelong career success

Building a career is a lifelong journey. As part of the Saïd post-graduate degree alumni community, the Career Development Centre will continue to provide a comprehensive programme that helps your transition from study through to continued career success. 

We work in partnership to help alumni at each phase of their careers from the early stage through to the most experienced executive level. 

Post study, careers support helps you to fast-track your career. Whether you're rejoining your previous organisation in a new capacity, transitioning to a different work setting, or planning to advance from your current role, our team of experienced career coaches can help you plan and implement your path.  

We recognise the challenges of career management in this uncertain world of work. Whatever your experience level and expertise and wherever you work, we work with you to access the most relevant support to suit your situation and trajectory, from early leadership to seasoned executive.

Maria Dooley

Head of Executive Careers

Career Boost


Through the Career Boost Programme, our Capstone MBA students continue to access the tools to propel their job search.

It provides graduates seeking their first post-MBA role with the support of a dedicated coach, assistance to navigate their job search, on-demand small group workshops and access to online resources. 

Career Momentum


For recent alumni, the Career Momentum programme is designed to accelerate and shape future success beyond the first post MBA role.

We work with you to drive your own career journey through a suite of career development resources including one-to-one personalised coaching and a toolkit to navigate career growth and progression underpinned by alumni career networking events.

Executive Alumni


As an experienced alumnus/a you can leverage a spectrum of high-level professional development initiatives. This includes access to invaluable industry connections, participation in targeted C-suite skills workshops and engagement in executive recruiting partnerships.

These resources collectively serve to strengthen and enhance your career knowledge, providing a comprehensive platform for continual professional growth and advancement.

Can you help?

We invite our alumni to share their unique professional experience and industry insights with our current students by providing practical knowledge and organisational opportunities, you create impact from within for the next generation of leaders.