Our expertise

We are here to empower our post-graduate degree students and alumni to drive their career path.

The Career Development Centre purpose is to enable students and alumni to take ongoing ownership of their career, make informed career decisions, and build the networks, confidence, and skills to implement those decisions.

We do this through a unique programme of:

  • workshops
  • online resources
  • industry insights
  • personalised coaching
  • brokering employer connections.

This is delivered by a team of accredited coaches and employer engagement managers with expertise across the key sectors of finance, consulting, global industry, startups and corporates.

Our work engages with a diverse group of degree students and alumni, from entry level to C suite, all industry sectors and job functions, from a global community, and a wide range of aspirations that include career explorers, transitioners and accelerators.

Find your tribe

Hear from some of our alumni on how they sought assistance from the Career Development Centre and the wider Oxford ecosystem to develop their career aspirations.

Our relationships


Accenture, AlixPartners, Bain & Company, Deloitte, EY, EY Parthenon, Kearney, KMPG McKinsey & Company, Monitor Deloitte, PA Consulting, PwC, Strategy&


Big Society Capital, BlackRock Capital Group, British International Investment, Citi UK, Credit Suisse, Evercore, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Monzo, MUFG, Octopus Investments, QNB Capital, Rabobank – Acorn, Revolut, Tide

Global industry

AstraZeneca, Deep Planet,  Ford Motor Company, Honda, Jaguar Landrover, Johnson & Johnson, McLaren Racing, Neptune, Samsung, Shell, The Coca Cola Company, Travis Perkins, Wolt, YUM Brands


BCGDV / Digital Boost, Cancer Research UK, Cognizant, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, IMAGINE,  Impact Capital, Integrate Health, Jacobs Foundation, LilacBuds (an Admitas Advisory Services initiative) and UNESCO


Amazon, AWS, Bimble, ByteDance/ TikTok, Coursera, Dataminr, FYLD, Google, Huawei, Meta, NetEase, Ngenius.ai, OneReach.ai Shopee, SYSTEMIQ and Spotify


Sector-led engagement

To help you define your career aspirations, you will have access to our Career Development Centre’s sector expertise.

You will have many opportunities to meet and interact with employers whilst at the School. We work closely with organisations to put together a programme of activities that includes on-campus recruitment presentations and webinars, careers fairs, treks to company offices, case competitions and through partnerships with the student-led Oxford Business Networks (OBNs)/Clubs.


The consulting landscape continues to experience large growth; our relationships span multiple geographies and a breadth of large and boutique firms. Our career coaches, alongside specialist consulting industry advisors, support you to navigate the consulting specialisms and the structured or experience hiring. This programme is a combination of blended learning, coaching, recruiter events and workshops, proactive networking and research tools.


Reflecting the diversity of specialisms within today’s finance industry, our team attract to campus some of the highest profile leaders from the world’s key institutions. We provide you with the support to utilise our set of unique co-curricular programmes, and help you develop your leadership and communication skills through coaching. Whether you are exploring a broad range of areas such as banking, investing, and insurance or are interested in fintech, venture capital, real estate and commodity trading firms, you will have the tools to hone your exploration and help you negotiate the structured internships programmes or experienced/lateral hiring on offer.

Global industry and impact

This team is focused on developing relationship across a wide range of sectors including tech, healthcare, media, energy and utilities, FMCG, retail, space, government, non-profit, and social impact. Networking and developing relationships are the key to success in this area. Alongside our coaching, we take you on a bespoke learning journey designed to equip you with the core digital skills needed in todays data-driven world which includes Leadership Development Programs (LDPs), Experienced Hiring and Internships. This programme also supports you to harness the power of community to develop your network with our world-class faculty, our specialist centres: Entrepreneurship Centre and Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, alongside alumni, employers and the wider University eco-system. 

Technology and e-commerce

In the ever-evolving tech sector, innovation is the driving force propelling advancements at an unprecedented pace. Our comprehensive programme of support is designed for success, blending learning opportunities such as workshops and recruiter events with proactive networking and research tools. Networking is paramount and our employer relationships span multiple geographies, providing a global perspective. Through our one-to-one coaching with students, we not only assist in developing leadership and communication skills but also emphasise the importance of cultivating meaningful professional relationships. This multifaceted approach ensures that students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and network necessary to navigate and excel in the dynamic and ever-evolving tech landscape.

Executive careers and alumni

This team provides support for all participants on the Executive Degree programmes and our alumni. Whether you are seeking to advance in your current career or transition to something new, the team offer one-to-one career coaching which delivers and draws on the industry expertise of a broad team of advisors. They also offer workshops and events to complement your own career development journey. Your journey continues as an alumnus/a with access to coaching and online resources.