Oxford Business Networks

Our Oxford Business Networks (OBNs) are student-led networks which promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge surrounding sectors that reflect the core values of the School and the interests of its students. They are open to students of our MBA, Executive MBA, MSc in Finance and Economics and MSc in Law and Finance.

OBNs are primarily outwardly looking and liaise with other existing student clubs and networks to reflect the diversity of the cohort in initiatives. They also engage with the Careers team, the school Faculty, University Centres and alumni to host annual forums, invite speakers and arrange career initiatives.

Each network is led by co-chairs with the support of a committee. Students who are elected to play a role in leadership have an opportunity to enrich their own learning experience and build relationships with external professionals and societies. In doing so, there is scope to make a unique and valuable contribution not only to members but to the School as a whole. Activities can include events, workshops, guest speakers and networking sessions. 

Climate OBN

Climate for climate change and sustainability enthusiasts, and those interested in the energy transition 

The Climate OBN focuses on three primary areas - creating opportunities for students to engage in deep discussion about climate change and sustainability, building a community of climate-conscious leaders, and providing networks for students to explore career opportunities within this area. They take a holistic and global view on issues from energy transition to the circular economy.  

Their membership provides exclusive access to speaker and panel events, employment opportunities, climate-focused societies, research centres, and experts from across the Oxford community and beyond. 

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Consulting OBN

Enhancing collaboration for successful consulting careers 

The Consulting OBN aims to enhance collaboration between students, the Career Development Centre, and the alumni community to improve consulting placements through long-term partnerships with firms and empower successful consulting careers. This activity includes assessing the class requirements, hosting in-house case competitions, assisting with high-level CV and cover letter writing, and nurturing strong connections with alumni who have successful consulting careers.

All members will be able to find a place to get their consulting queries addressed through a student body, get access to alums and connections of the cohort in the consulting industry, hone on casing skills and improve personal documents to excel in their recruitment journeys.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation OBN

Fostering a unique environment for Oxford’s innovators

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation OBN aim to help members reach their full potential by fostering skills, facilitating networks, and investing in building people and their respective ventures from the ground up.

Their comprehensive program of content will feature specific sessions such as How to Start a Startup, VC Bootcamp, Pitch events, Speaker Series, and workshops. In addition, they will host events in partnership with other Clubs and OBNs to yield the best opportunities while studying.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation OBN's members have the chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills, build networks, enhance ideas and career opportunities, and grow from industry insights and diverse perspectives.     

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Finance OBN

Uniting students and professionals for the financial industry

The Finance OBN fosters a supportive and engaging community to empower the next generation of leaders in the world of finance.    

They work closely with students, the Career Development Centre, the Finance Lab, Oxford alumni, employers, and other leading business schools to produce distinguished speakers’ series, panel discussions, peer-to-peer academic and career support sessions, company visits, investment competitions, networking events, and interview preparation workshops.      

Members of the finance OBN receive opportunities for personal and professional development, providing a platform to share experiences, gain knowledge and skills, build lasting relationships, and embark on fulfilling career journeys in finance.  

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Healthcare OBN

Nurturing the evolution of healthcare and its challenges 

The Healthcare OBN aims to empower members with the skills and insights needed to shape the future of the industry through a multi-disciplinary approach.  

They strive to promote thought leadership with engaging talks, career workshops, and mentorship opportunities. Their mission extends beyond Oxford Said, building a legacy that empowers past, current, and future students to lead in the dynamic confluence of business and healthcare.         
Members will have access to industry-focused panel discussions, focus groups with professionals and academic experts, career search and development workshops, networking with industry, students, and alumni opportunities and mentorship programs.    

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Impact OBN

Advocating for impactful leadership 

The Impact OBN aim to foster a deep understanding of impact, integrate it into daily life, build a supportive community, and advocate for impactful leadership.                      

To achieve goals, they implement a three-part strategy to learn and build expert insights, information hub and skills development, connect and network through cross-university collaboration and personalised support, and amplify and empower through showcasing success stories and community-driven content.

Members have access to benefits such as gaining insights beyond the classroom through expert sessions and workshops, unique collaboration opportunities and connections with impact professionals worldwide, and receiving personalised support and engagement with impact champions, helping to align career goals with impactful paths.  

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Technology OBN

Solving business challenges to create impact in the digital age

The Technology OBN help members to understand and apply technology as a discipline in any industry and accelerates the opportunity to pivot towards the tech industry.  

Members will receive exclusive access to vice presidents, product managers, and global tech leaders from the UK, US and Asia. In addition, members can organise tech events and seek the OBN's support with logistics and budgets if approved. A potential partnership with the Career Development Centre will foster new opportunities for Tech Treks in other countries throughout the year.

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