Oxford Business Networks

Our Oxford Business Networks (OBNs) are student-led networks which promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge surrounding sectors that reflect the core values of the School and interests of its students. They are open to students of our MBA, Executive MBA, MSc in Finance and Economics and MSc Law and Finance.

OBNs are primarily outwardly looking and liaise with other existing student clubs and networks to reflect the diversity of the cohort in initiatives. They also engage with the Careers team, the school Faculty, University Centres and alumni to host annual forums, invite speakers and arrange career initiatives.

Each network is led by co-chairs with the support of a committee. Students who are elected to play a role in the leadership have an opportunity to enrich their own learning experience and build relationships with external professionals and societies. In doing so, there is scope to make a unique and valuable contribution not only for members, but to the School as a whole. Activities can include events, workshops, guest speakers and networking sessions.


Climate OBN

For climate change and sustainability enthusiasts

The Climate OBN focuses on three primary areas: creating opportunities for students to engage in deep discussion about climate change and sustainability, building a community of climate-conscious leaders, and providing networks for students to explore career opportunities within this area.

The OBN takes a holistic view on issues from climate justice to sustainable finance, to circular economy and more, through global perspectives.

Membership provides exclusive access to numerous bespoke events, and additional climate-focused societies, research centres, and experts from across the Oxford community and beyond.

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Consulting OBN

Opportunities and support for students interested in consulting

The Consulting OBN provides a range of opportunities and activities to support students who are exploring or interested in pursuing a career in consulting.

We collaborate with students, the Consulting Careers team, Oxford alumni, and peers across other networks to provide a cohesive and well-rounded offering that maximises career placements in this sector and builds long-term relationships with businesses.

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Entrepreneurship and innovation OBN

A community uniting the entrepreneurship ecosystem

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation OBN provides opportunities for our community to discuss ideas and network with the wider entrepreneurship ecosystem at Oxford.

The network adds value through structured learning events in collaboration with other OBNs to help students build on specific skills to facilitate fruitful entrepreneurship career paths.

Members receive exclusive access to organised insights and post-event information through a weekly digest.

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Finance OBN

Providing finance professionals with a holistic support network

The Finance OBN is a highly active network, providing its community of 140 members with a truly holistic support system, and exclusive access to top speakers and industry experts.

Our goal is to foster long-lasting impact in students’ professional journeys through networking opportunities and career support, helping to nurture and develop their skills and networks to achieve professional goals in finance.

Our members have a broad range of experience and interests within the sector, and receive access to our calendar of events curated for our diverse community.

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Global business OBN

Supporting students across a wide range of global business industries

The Global business OBN explores industries that are not covered by other clubs and OBNs.

This OBN aims to help the class transition into their desired career in industry. The network pairs members with mentors, organise employer treks, and create a community of like-minded people.

This network is perfect for students who wish to explore a wide range of careers across a diverse set of industries.

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Social impact OBN

Driving meaningful engagement in the impact space

The Social Impact OBN leverages Oxford Saïd’s excellence as a catalyst for impactful leadership, integrating impact priorities into traditional business structures, and accelerating personal impact through careers in global business.

This OBN fosters learning and development opportunities for students’ careers. It builds communities of support by optimising the School’s resources and alumni to create safe spaces to ask the tough questions about current impact dilemmas, and advocates for enhanced focus on impact leadership.

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Technology OBN

#TechForAll and the pervasiveness of tech today

The Technology OBN is one of the biggest student-led groups, with 160 plus members giving a lens to tech from 18 different sectors. 

We aim to break the silos around tech by analysing how it is actively influencing industries globally.

Our partnerships and events include collaboration with other OBNs within Oxford Saïd and emerging tech from outside, in the form of inspirational guest speakers and companies.