Oxford Business Networks

Our Oxford Business Networks (OBNs) are student-led networks which promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge surrounding sectors that reflect the core values of the School and interests of its students. They are open to students of our MBA, Executive MBA, MSc in Finance and Economics and MSc Law and Finance.

We have eight networks and ten groups.


  • Climate & Energy
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Finance
  • Global Industries
  • India
  • Social impact
  • Technology


  • Asia Business Group – Oxford Business Regional Group
  • LATAM Business Group – Oxford Business Regional Group
  • Blockchain
  • Business Careers in Sports
  • Design & Innovation
  • Family Business Circle
  • Government Relations
  • Luxury Marketing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Real Estate

OBNs are primarily outwardly looking and liaise with other existing student clubs and networks to reflect the diversity of the cohort in initiatives. They also engage with the Careers team, the school Faculty, University Centres and alumni to host annual forums, invite speakers and arrange career initiatives.

Each network is led by co-chairs with the support of a committee. Students who are elected to play a role in the leadership have an opportunity to enrich their own learning experience and build relationships with external professionals and societies. In doing so, there is scope to make a unique and valuable contribution not only for members, but to the School as a whole. Activities can include events, workshops, guest speakers and networking sessions.

Climate and energy OBN


For those interested in climate change, energy and sustainability.

This is a group of 90+ Saïd Business School students and alumni. 

Members have a broad range of past experiences and interests in climate change, energy and sustainability.

We are student-led and facilitate interactions between our members and the outside business community.  To promote the interests of our members, we coordinate various events, such as forums, speaker sessions, skills workshops and networking opportunities.

Contact the co-chairs:

Consulting OBN


Opportunities and support for students interested in consulting.

This is one of our largest student-led groups, with more than 130 members. 

We are committed to working closely with students, the Consulting Careers Team and Oxford alumni. Our goal is to create learning opportunities for our classmates throughout the year while maximising the chances of successful career placements in consulting.

Contact the co-chairs:

Entrepreneurship and innovation OBN


Mission statement: SMS (Start, manage, scale)

Starting, managing and scaling an entity takes a village; we are nurturing that village during our time as students and beyond.

This is a network to ‘learn and unlearn’ skills, bridge knowledge gaps and create a place where people can feel comfortable sharing their visions and desires to start/manage/scale something of their own and eventually build an inclusive ecosystem. 

Entrepreneurship in all its many forms necessitates collaboration and cooperation. Through collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Centre, The Foundry, the Seed Fund, the Skoll Centre and our fellow OBNs, we are fostering our village and optimising OBN management processes.

The breadth of the network includes family business, third-sector entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

Our plans and ideas for programming, events and series include both exclusive events for our members and initiatives for the wider community interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.


Finance OBN


A network of finance professionals

We provide programming and networks to students interested in a career in Finance. Our members have a broad range of past experiences and current interests in the Finance sector.

Our aim is to support students in their learning and career journeys, to bridge knowledge gaps, and to connect one another to further personal and professional goals. 

Contact the co-chairs:

Global industries OBN


Supporting students across a wide range of global business industries.

We help you to explore a wide range of careers by organising and hosting events across a diverse set of industry areas.


  • Consumer goods, E-commerce and retail
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials, manufacturing and engineering
  • Marketing
  • Product management
  • Telecommunications, media and entertainment

We also support a number of partnerships with regional interest groups, including the Africa Business Alliance and Latin America Student Group.

Contact the co-chairs:

India OBN


A community of over 80 students and alumni representing India

The India OBN represents one of the most promising destinations in terms of growth, innovation and business prowess in the 21st century. We are organised around 3 key ideas: outreach, networking, and culture. Each year we hold speaker events and the trademark Oxford India Conclave, showcasing interactions with some of the best business leaders from India.

One of our key aims is to leverage the Indian diaspora within Oxford & the larger MBA community, to create opportunities for collaborations. The India OBN also showcases India’s rich diversity & culture to the wider Oxford community.

Contact the co-chairs:

Social impact OBN


A community of impact-focused Oxford Saïd students

We aim to support students in their learning and career journeys through company presentations, impact focused chats like the ’social impact in the pub’ series, careers fair, debates and workshops.

Every year the schedule of events is tailored to the wishes of the current cohort and addresses a range of topics from education and climate action to global health and impact consulting.

Contact the co-chairs:

Technology OBN


For those interested in careers in technology.

We comprise of over 160 students and alumni. Our members have a broad range of past experiences and interests in the technology sector.

We facilitate interactions between our members and the outside business community. To promote the interests of our members, we coordinate various events, such as forums, speaker sessions, skills workshops and networking opportunities.