About us

The Entrepreneurship Centre supports Saïd Business School’s community in pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions.

We play a significant role in supporting student futures at Oxford Saïd, working with other departments within the School to underpin the curricular and co-curricular, personal and entrepreneurial goals of our students.

How do we do this? Through experiential learning, access to local and global networks, and thought leadership. The programming of the Centre is designed to support and enhance the journey of students throughout their time at Oxford Saïd. 



Entrepreneurship Centre leadership and close network of experts.



Our programmes offer experiential learning opportunities for students with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

We provide courses on idea and venture creation to support the Entrepreneurship Project, a core element of the MBA programme. For students interested in making an impact in existing organisations we provide broader workshops and skill development. Additionally we bring in academics and researchers from across the Collegiate University to discuss their careers as well as innovation prospects in higher education more generally. 

    Thought leadership

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    We bring together thought leaders from academia, industry and government to critically discuss current issues in entrepreneurship, as well as to generate new ideas and devise new solutions. This discourse is driven by the academic research of the School and addresses a wide range of issues. 

    The oNetwork

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    We strive to be a transformative partner to our students and alumni by promoting entrepreneurial values and thinking.

    We invest not only our time and expertise, but also our connections to accelerate the entrepreneurial initiatives arising in the Oxford ecosystem. The members of the oNetwork are a curated group of highly experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders and reflect the high-quality of our community. By engaging them in our programmes and initiatives, we will continue to deliver on our promise to support all our students and alumni in pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions.


    Keep up to date with our latest news and our entrepreneurial alumni stories.


    We aim to inspire, educate and build networks through our world-class events.

    The Entrepreneurship Centre is proud to run Saïd Business School's flagship entrepreneurial event, Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum (OSEF). The forum brings together masters of entrepreneurship to share their experiences for an inspirational day of keynote speeches and panel discussions. 

    Alongside our regular programme series, we run talks, interactive workshops and fireside chats. These are often led by distinguished speakers and experienced leaders from our oNetwork, as well as facilitators from the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    Our events are primarily aimed at Saïd Business School students, however some are open to the wider University of Oxford community and public.