What is the OFFTI?

The Oxford Future of Finance and Technology Initiative (OFFTI) is a collaborative effort between Saïd Business School and industry to explore global changes in business, policy and society in relation to technology disruption in the finance industry.

The finance industry has started to undergo a dramatic change in the past few years, with the rise of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, and implementation of new regulations such as open banking. The goal of this research initiative is to generate cutting edge findings, policy lessons and best industry practices regarding innovation in the financial sector.

Key research questions

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Perspective:

  • What are the strategies and challenges of fintech firms entering the financial industry to improve consumers’ financial wellness and reduce inequality?
  • How do these fintechs overcome the financial, regulatory, and cultural barriers that prevent them from reaching their market potential? 
  • Are there business model and regional policy differences that enable easier growth?
  • How are successful entrepreneurial business models using AI in finance?
  • What unique challenges does AI pose for entrepreneurial firms in finance?

Corporate Renewal Perspective:

  • How are industry incumbents responding to open banking and open finance initiatives around the world?
  • What are the ways in which local and global incumbents collaborate versus compete with innovative market entrants in finance?
  • What are the IT and organisational differences across incumbents that enable a smoother shift to more innovative services?
  • How are big tech platforms entering regulated markets such as finance, and how does this affect the competitive landscape?

Policy Perspective:

  • Which government policies and implementation schemes help fintech firms and incumbents innovate to improve financial wellness in society?
  • How can cross-country initiatives spread best practice in policy and implementation to enable a smoother transition to open banking around the world?
  • How do varying customer data regulations have implications for AI-based innovation?
  • What are best practices in establishing data and regulation sandboxes for AI start-ups?

Supporting faculty and associates

The following members of the Oxford Saïd academic community support the initiative via participation in research projects or dissemination of teaching and research content.


Invitation to partner with Saïd Business School

We invite your organisation to engage with this ambitious research programme around the future of finance and technology. This is a unique approach to applied research that will create strong and lasting partnerships between academics and industry.

If you have any questions about how to get involved as a partner with us on this initiative, please contact tom.childs@sbs.ox.ac.uk.