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Kamila Nigmatulina

Doctoral Candidate


Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Kamila started her DPhil in Management Research in 2015 under the supervision of Dr Michael Smets and Dr Marc Ventresca.

She has been awarded the Saïd Business School and Green Templeton Scholarships for her DPhil studies. Kamila is a member of Green Templeton College.

Kamila specialises in exploring fast-developing new organizational forms of fund provision such as crowdfunding and alternative finance, and in how platform-based forms have the potential to reshape entire sectors of economic activity by recombining existing technologies and institutional elements. She explores whether crowdfunding and alternative finance improve the supply of funds available to smaller businesses, individuals or startups where markets do not work well, creating a more diverse finance market with a greater choice of options and providers. She focuses on the activities of institutional, legal, and technology actors to understand infrastructure and enabling context in the early days of crowdfunding and alternative finance and, potentially, to map future developments with research on the role of law and regulation.

Before starting her doctorate, Kamila received her MPhil degree in Management, Organisation and Innovation from the University of Cambridge. Kamila also obtained an MSc with distinction in Management Science from the University of Edinburgh, where her research focussing on ICT in health care and the challenges of switching paradigms. She also completed a Management and Finance course for professionals, with distinction, at Harvard University in the summer of 2014. Kamila has also worked as a Senior Analyst for IHS in their media and technology department, and a Consultant for Deloitte.

In the last two years Kamila has participated and presented at several conferences and workshops, such as the AOM meeting (Anaheim) in 2016, the Austrian Early Scholars conference at the WU University (Vienna) in 2017, the Creative Industries workshop at the University of Edinburgh in 2017 and the early scholars workshop EGOS (Copenhagen) in 2017.

Kamila has a variety of different hobbies including studying French and sport, especially yoga and running. She has a professional certificate in yoga teaching and runs half marathons in Oxford.