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Our group regard 'strategy' as a democratic process that involves the whole organisation, as well as its stakeholders.

Crafting strategies is a creative and forward-looking, social and distributed activity that emerges from people and practices. Our group regards 'strategy' as a social movement, rather than an economic decision or transaction. We aim to pioneer more open, inclusive and transparent forms of organisation design, innovation and strategy.

We interact and collaborate with other disciplines, including the cognitive sciences, sociology, political science, economics, and the arts, and we are passionate about human welfare and societal thriving, far beyond the traditional strategy outcomes of profit and shareholder value. 



Our research provides business leaders with the practical tools to construct strategies which maximise individual, organisational and societal outcomes. We carry out pioneering research in several areas, including:

  • gaining a competitive advantage
  • strategy practice and decision-making
  • value creation and innovation
  • the institutional foundations of markets and industries
  • science and social entrepreneurship

This work draws on the multidisciplinary backgrounds of our academics in business history, psychology, and economic and organisational sociology. We are particularly interested in how institutional ‘rules of the game’ shape strategy and how public policy and managerial practice can change those rules. We publish research in leading academic journals, undertake consultancy, and serve in leadership positions for professional associations, including the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management Society.



Why Investing in Procurement Makes Organizations More Resilient

Journal article  |  Harvard Business Review  | 
  • Rafael Ramirez,
  • Ciaran McGinley,
  • Steve Churchhouse
  • Rich DeJordy,
  • Maureen Scully,
  • Marc J Ventresca,
  • WE Douglas Creed

Scenario planning in science‐centric organizations(opens in new window)

Journal article  |  Futures and Foresight Science  | 
  • Rafael Ramirez,
  • Ciaran McGinley,
  • Jenni Rissanen

An assembly perspective of entrepreneurial projects: social networks in action(opens in new window)

Journal article  |  Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal  | 
  • D Obstfeld,
  • Marc Ventresca,
  • G Fisher
  • Rafael Ramirez,
  • Y Bhatti,
  • S Tapinos
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We teach both degree and executive education programmes for senior executives and public service professionals. Doctoral students within the group contribute to research and teaching, and doctoral student applications are encouraged.

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