Global challenges and leadership

Our societies face twin systemic challenges from the coronavirus pandemic and severe economic disruption. To lead in extraordinary times, we cannot rely on business as usual.

Drawing on our research and our work with companies and global leaders, we seek to deepen our understanding of the immediate crisis and find a path to the opportunities of the future.

Live panel event

Today's event is hosted by Andrew Stephen. He will be joined by Cammy Crolic, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve and Mike Gill.

Upcoming events

Join us here for a series of virtual events that will help leaders respond to an unprecedented period of turmoil.

Personal and professional wellbeing and mental health during Covid-19 - 2pm BST Tuesday 7 April 2020

Panel hosted by Andrew Stephen

How can we take care of our mental health while facing the uncertainty of the Covid-19 crisis? Three Oxford Saïd academics with expertise in the science of wellbeing will offer practical advice based on their research into what makes us happier, how to protect mental health at work and how social media can help our psychological wellbeing.

Panel event with Cammy Crolic, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve and Mike Gill.

Covid-19: Preparedness, resilience and the future of public health - 2pm BST Thursday 9 April 2020

Sue Dopson, Rhodes Trust Professor of Organisational Behaviour, will lead a panel discussion with Peter Drobac and Eleanor Murray on the future of public health systems.

Does the Covid-19 crisis pose a systemic financial risk? - 2pm BST Tuesday 14 April 2020

Kathy Harvey, Associate Dean, MBA and Executive Degrees, will lead a panel discussion on the prospect of a re-emergence of the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, and its impact on the eurozone’s solidarity and cohesion.

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