We are facing a global, social and environmental emergency and at Saïd Business School we believe that business and business education has a leading role to play in delivering a sustainable economic future. As a business school renowned for tackling global systemic challenges, we understand the complexity of the crisis and the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to seeking solutions, both internally and externally. 

The hurdles we must overcome

  • Reconciling economic growth with its environmental and social impact 
  • The lack of common understanding and agreement about the systemic change needed for collective action
  • The long-term, existential and global scale of the problem


The journey ahead

We are committed to equipping current and future business leaders with the tools and understanding required to build a strong, regenerative and just economic system. We aim to inspire our community by leading by example in our own sustainable operations.  

Discover our progress against the UN Sustainable Development Goals in our annual Sustainability Report.

Our role in creating a sustainable world does not end in the classroom. It is crucial for us to show we are what we teach.

Soumitra Dutta

Peter Moores Dean and Professor of Management, Saïd Business School

Our 5 areas of action

Latest news and insights

Embedded in the heart of the world-leading, multi-disciplinary University of Oxford, our research, teaching and access to the world’s leading experts enables us to: 

  • Develop and share new paths towards sustainable business  
  • Drive and enable innovation throughout Oxford University
  • Lead across research, convening, education and outreach