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Degree Programmes

Responsible business education is central to the School’s approach to developing global leaders; seeking to attract and educate students with a passion for enacting change, we provide a wealth of opportunities for students to fully engage with some of the most pressing societal and organisational issues of our time. We set the pace with climate leadership and transformational change curricula in our degree programmes.

Our MBA programme exemplifies the systematic incorporation of responsible business across our teaching provision. 51% of our core teaching (55.3 of 107.5 hours), contains ESG-related content. We were delighted to see our dedicated work in this space recognised in 2024 when the Financial Times recognised us as one of five winners in their Responsible Business Education Awards

Capitalism in Debate

The role of business in society is changing. While we do not know what the future of capitalism might be, we can see ways in which it can and must change, and we have an obligation to our students, and to the wider world, to equip Oxford MBAs as best as we can for the challenges of the 21st century. One of the three key themes of the Capitalism in Debate MBA course is sustainability and in the delivery of this module we lean towards management practice, asking what is demanded of a transition from business models of the past to the sustainable business of the future.

Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford

Our MBA and Executive MBA students can participate in GOTO: an action-oriented problem-solving community geared towards addressing some of the most complex interconnected issues that the world faces. This academic year we are working with four school partner organisations on 'live' cases so students can analyse how corporations are tackling global challenges such as sustainability from an organisational perspective.

Executive Education

We offer market leading, climate focused and ESG executive education programmes, including ones specifically run for, and tailored to your organisation.

Our selection includes:

Oxford Sustainable Business Programme

This executive-level programme delivered in partnership with Oxford University's Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment leverages world-leading research by Oxford Net Zero. Participants will create bespoke action plans to guide their organisations' decarbonisation strategy, meet net zero goals and find growth opportunities.

Leading Sustainable Corporations Programme 

Examine your corporation’s impact on the environment from multiple perspectives. Go beyond traditional views of measuring and reporting on performance and integrate environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors into your business practice.

Online ESG and Sustainable Financial Strategy Course

Delivered in partnership with the most influential body of accountants and finance experts – AICPA/CIMA – this new online course will equip financial managers with the requisite skills and knowledge to develop their organisations’ financial sustainability strategy. 

Social Finance Programme 

Addresses the world’s most existential and difficult issues: climate change, poverty, hunger and loss of livelihoods. You will learn how to build and negotiate multi-sector partnerships and combine capital sources and achieve large scale positive impact.

Oxford Climate Emergency Programme

Do you recognise the need for change in your business? We'll show you how to best activate it in this online programme delivered in partnership with Oxford University's Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment.

Environmental, Social and Governance Sustainability Programme 

This programme is for leaders from a single organisation. Our experts will work with you to understand your issues and help you drive positive change and implement a successful ESG strategy.