Strengthen research


We support world leading researchers on climate related projects and create partnerships across departments.

Priority development areas

The School's research strategy outlines our commitment to pursuing research in areas that are critically important to the future of business. This includes research related to sustainable development, particularly issues aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Policy mixes for business model innovation

This project, from Aoife Brophy, Departmental Research Lecturer in Innovation and Enterprise at the Business School, and Philipp Trotter, Honorary Research Associate at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, investigates the main conditions that are creating environments for off-grid advancement in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Do sustainability ratings matter?

This working paper, co-authored by Amir Amel-Zadeh, Associate Professor of Accounting, examines the effect of sustainability ratings on investors’ asset allocation decisions.

Financing food system transformation

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Abrar Chaudhury, has conducted wide-ranging research that demonstrates that climate finance targeted at the food system from 'earth to table' needs to change to be able to tackle the challenges facing us and future generations. 

Decisive decade: Organising climate action 

This significant piece of research, maps the full ecosystem of global climate change organisations for the first time. It helps organisations to understand how they can best contribute - what roles they can play and how to amplify their collective impact. It also suggests how they can best work together to overcome fragmentation across business, civil society and government and achieve meaningful change.

Oxford Initiative on Rethinking Performance

The Oxford Initiative on Rethinking Performance (ORP) aims to develop a framework for the measurement and operationalisation of corporate purpose. This will enable sustainable and long-term focussed business behaviour to thrive for the benefit of the economy, investors, planet and society.