Academic visitors

What you need to know

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We recognise and appreciate the valuable contribution that Academic Visitors make to the work and life of the School.

We welcome academic visits, which help us to build a vibrant and internationally diverse community.

We always try to accommodate suitable applicants but reserve the right to restrict numbers due to limited working space. For more information, see our Academic Visitor Policy.

How to apply

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  1. Secure the support of a member of Faculty to act as a sponsor for your visit.

  2. Complete an application form and return it to the Faculty Assistant with the relevant supporting documents, as detailed in section E of the form.

Please note parts of the form must be completed by the sponsor and the relevant Academic Area Head. The sponsor will help you with this.

Applications must be made at least one full term or three full months in advance of the proposed start date of the visit. An application does not guarantee acceptance.

All applications are considered by the Academic Visits Panel, usually within one month of receiving the application. All applicants will be informed in writing of the result of their application.

Visa advice

If an Academic Visitor is British, Swiss or a national of an EEA country, no visa is required.

All other applicants are required by law to hold a valid visa (unless they are already in the UK on a visa which permits work).

  • Most Academic Visitors who require visas attend with an Academic Visitor Visa.
  • ‘Visa nationals’ have to apply in advance for their visa (see a list of over 100 countries).
  • ‘Non-visa nationals’ (all other countries) also require a visa but can apply for this as they enter the UK.
  • An Academic Visitor Visa specifically prohibits collaborative work undertaken in the UK. If collaborative work is to be undertaken, a Tier 5 visa will be required.

Read detailed information on Visitor Visas and Tier 5 Visas. You can also read a document which summarises the main points.

Please ensure you understand which visa (if any) you require before you submit your application form.

Faculty Services can provide guidance and assistance but ultimately visitors are responsible for obtaining the necessary visas and providing right to work documentation.

Please note that everyone must be able to prove the 'right to work' in the UK, regardless of whether the work is paid or unpaid.