Activities, clubs and groups

Explore your interests

There are over 200 clubs and societies to choose from at Oxford University.

You will almost certainly find a club that matches your interests, whether it’s in the arts, language, charity, politics, religion, music or culture.

How about joining the Oxford Union, the world's most prestigious debating society, taking part in the '24-hour play' or competing in the MBA Tournament? The choice is endless.

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Enjoy an active social life during your time in Oxford

LGBTQ+ community

LGBTQI rainbow umbrella

We have an active LGBTQ+ community at the School.

Our Pride@SBS group encourages current students and alumni members of the LGBTQ+ community to join together to share ideas, raise awareness and build understanding. The group organises various informal social events throughout the year, as well as formal college dinners.

You will also have access to the University of Oxford’s LGBTQ+ Society, which hosts popular social events and promotes welfare services. Many colleges also have their own LGBTQ+ organisations for graduate students.

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Choose from a huge range of sporting opportunities on offer.

Sport has always played an important role at Oxford. The University and the School have extensive sports facilities across the city.

At the School's Egrove Park campus, you will find:

  • a gym
  • tennis courts
  • a snooker table
  • a croquet lawn
  • 37 acres of grounds – perfect for walking or running

If you enjoy running, why not take the Richard Marshall Walk or pick up a jogging map and choose a trail which takes you into the open countryside and along the river?

Some University colleges also have their own gyms, including Balliol, Keble, Worcester and St Catherine’s.

The University's Iffley Road Sports Complex has a running track, climbing wall, swimming pool, tennis courts, football pitches and sports hall.

At the University Parks there are rugby, football and lacrosse pitches, croquet lawns, grass tennis courts and cricket nets.


Rowing on the river

Competitions and pastimes

Take part in competitive events as well as more sedate pastimes, such as punting.

Academic competitions

A great way to put your studies to use while at the School is to take part in academic competitions. Such competitions take place across the globe as well as some right here in Oxford.

Previous achievements include:

The MBA Tournament

MBA students can take part in the annual MBA Tournament in Paris, a sporting event that brings together students from top-ranked business schools around the world. This involves three days of sporting competitions and festivities, with rugby, swimming, table football, rock climbing and salsa dancing! Above all, it’s great fun.

As of 2018, Oxford Saïd are MBAT champions 2 years running!


Founded in 1839, the Boat Club is possibly the University's most celebrated club. Its most famous race is the Boat Race against Cambridge University, held on the Thames in London each year and watched by million of people around the world. In 2018, five of our MBA students took part in the Boat Race.

Colleges also compete against each other in a series of races known as The Bumps.

Ice Hockey

Oxford has been battling Cambridge on ice for 100 years now, with the Oxford team winning the glory in 2018's centenary match. Three members of our MBA cohort were part of the winning team.


The annual clash against Cambridge in rugby is also another highlight. Known as the Varsity Match, it takes place each December at Twickenham Stadium in South West London.


Cricket is a quintessentially English sport and a popular pastime at Oxford. Around 30 college clubs compete amongst themselves and against local and travelling sides.


What could be better than gliding down the river in a boat on a warm summer's day? The art of punting (propelling yourself along with a pole) goes back many centuries and it is an Oxford tradition. Punting does take some practice, though, so remember to pack some spare clothes as you will almost certainly get wet!

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Clubs for partners and families

The School and University run lots of social activities for partners and families.

The Oxford Newcomers' Club is run by volunteers and it provides help and support to the newly arrived partners, spouses and families of students. It is based at the Oxford University Club on Mansfield Road.

What’s on

To find out what is going on, keep an eye on Cherwell, the University’s independent student newspaper and the weekly Oxford Student paper.