Student clubs


Clubs are a co-curricular activity providing you with an opportunity to shape yourself as a thought leader in your chosen industries or areas of interest.

You can initiate and participate in clubs throughout the academic year, with the chance to propose new clubs or nominate yourself to continue the management of an existing club during Michaelmas term.

In the academic year 2023-23, there are twelve student clubs led by Oxford MBAs.


The aim of Asia club is to provide outreach and share Asia’s rich diversity and cultures to the MBA cohort, as well as the wider Oxford community. Throughout the year, they plan to provide networking opportunities for MBA students who are interested in business topics in Asia and organise speakers’ sessions to share knowledge about the future of business there, and what it means for the world.

This club will promote various Asian cultures through traditional Asian holiday celebrations, social get-togethers, movie nights, and games. By the end of the year, they hope to have developed an Oxford Saïd Asian alumni network that enables lifelong meaningful relationships. 

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Business Careers in Sport

The Business Careers in Sports club aims to create awareness and provide career opportunities around the global sports industry.

The club aims to raise awareness of the social impact of the industry, as well as its collaboration with ancillary industries such as media, entertainment, and other clubs.

You can expect a range of activities and resources, from events powered by industry speakers to specially curated resources, including company databases, tools for sports analytics, and case studies.

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In any modern business, whether a start-up or a corporation, there is no way you can get around data. In response, the Data club is creating spaces for members to understand the vital challenges affecting businesses in the industry before things get serious.

The club shares concepts, techniques, and best practices for the digital value chain, advising members of the benefits and overheads in relation to business. Members are extremely passionate about making data technologies accessible to everyone, including those with varying levels of previous knowledge. As a result, membership provides exclusive access to a series of interactive boot camps sharing new skills, knowledge, and expertise.

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Family Business Circle

The Family Business Circle club aims to build a lifelong network of like-minded individuals from family business backgrounds or those interested in family business.

The club facilitates discussions within the Oxford Saïd community and the wider University of Oxford, including increasing interaction with the alumni network and different programmes across Saïd Business School.

Diversity is important to the club, which hopes to bring together a diverse group from varying backgrounds, skillsets, and experiences. You are provided with exclusive access to a range of events, including speakers' series, company visits, informal discussions and networking sessions.

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'Fintech is not a niche within financial services. Nor is it a sub-sector. It is a permanent, technological revolution that is changing the way we do finance.' – Ron Kalifa OBE

The Fintech club provides a formal and fun space for you to learn more about the fintech innovations disrupting financial services, hear from industry leaders, and discover job opportunities available in this booming sector.

The club educates members about how fintech is solving real societal issues such as improving financial inclusion throughout the world. It will also serve as a hub for you to connect with the fintech alumni network and other fintech resources within the wider Oxford community.

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Government Relations

This club is a safe space designed to encourage you to engage in inclusive and open dialogue on a diverse set of topics affecting politics, business, society, and government policy.

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The Healthcare club is open to those interested in learning more about the world of healthcare, irrespective of experience in the sector.

The club optimises the opportunities available at the wider University of Oxford and works with other clubs and OBNs (Oxford Business Networks) to discuss the intersections of healthcare.

Membership allows you to explore a holistic view of the industry. In finance, healthcare investments are the fastest-growing area post-pandemic. In consulting, firms are rapidly growing their healthcare teams, and in the entrepreneurial stream, health tech and medical innovation are not showing any signs of slowing down.

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The India club represents one of the most promising destinations for growth, innovation, and business prowess, and is actively working towards three key pillars: outreach, networking, and culture.

The club's goal is to leverage the Indian diaspora within Oxford and the larger Oxford Saïd community, creating opportunities for collaborations and showcasing India’s rich diversity and culture.

Each year the club holds speaker events and the trademark Oxford India Conclave, highlighting interactions with some of the best business leaders from India.

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Latin American Business

The LATAM Business club’s purpose is to share and celebrate Latin American culture, increase awareness, and improve accessibility to Latin Americans who have the desire to study at Oxford Saïd.

The club leverages new and existing networks to bring in thought leaders, top companies, and policymakers to showcase the region’s business ecosystem, strengths, and challenges. In addition, the club aims to create new partnerships with companies and the wider Oxford community and strengthen previously built relationships with Oxford’s institutes and leading UK business schools.

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Luxury Marketing

The Luxury Marketing Club shares expertise in consumer retail, fashion, beauty and marketing sectors. The club was formed from the idea of bridging the gap between the Oxford Saïd community and dynamic industries, fostering life-long connections that every student and alumni can access.

The club's main goals are to generate effective networking opportunities among fellow members with relevant brands around Europe, USA, and other global regions embracing and learning the technologies redefining the industry, and to lead the conversations around social and sustainable change.

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Morality, Ethics and Business

The financial crisis, climate change, and the social impact of the pandemic have all spotlighted the deep inequalities in societies around the world and become catalysts for discussion on how business is done. This has led many to change their professions and careers in search of more meaningful and impactful jobs, without fully understanding the motives behind one’s choices.

The Morality, Ethics and Business club hopes to fill this gap. The club's aim is to examine, challenge, and learn from members through deeper conversations on why professionals make the choices they do. Members hold themselves accountable to each another. Join this club and you will question your own hypocrisies to become a better leader and shape the world for good.

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We have an active LGBTQ+ community at the School. Our Pride@SBS group encourages you to join together to share ideas, raise awareness and build understanding of the LGBTQI+ community at Saïd Business School. 

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Real Estate

Real estate is everywhere, providing the setting for all human activity. This reality underpins the Real Estate club’s goal to facilitate group debates as future leaders on how the built environment and physical world are used for more opportunities, equity, and societal reform.

The club hosts industry practitioners, companies, and institutions operating in the sector, as well as attends real estate-oriented events and forums hosted within the University of Oxford and more broadly.

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