Diversity and inclusion


Listen, learn and lead.

As a School, we focus on tackling systemic challenges. The challenges of structural racism and discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, disability and other factors are persistent elements of our society.

Advancing a diversity and inclusion agenda will require us to closely examine our policies, our culture, our classrooms - and ourselves.

Our strategy on racism will build on the work of our Anti-Racism Taskforce and the three-step approach endorsed by our 2019-2020 MBA class: Listen, Learn, and Lead.  

We will work together to make Oxford Saïd a place in which everyone feels included and welcome.

Black History Month


We are proud to support Black History Month, helping reclaim forgotten history and confronting injustice here and now. The theme for this year is “Proud to be…”. We are recognising the achievements and contributions of Black people in the UK and globally.

We are celebrating the lives of black pioneers who have set an inspiring example of leadership in business, politics or society. 

Women at Oxford Saïd


Gender equality in both the workforce and education is crucial for ensuring future success. We are working to increase female representation across our programmes and faculty while delivering inclusive programme and careers content to develop those women who come through our doors.

Disability inclusion

We have worked hard to ensure our spaces are accessible and continue to make improvements all the time.

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Watch a message from our former Dean, Peter Tufano about our commitment to disability inclusion

Tackling racism

Listen, Learn, Lead – a film by our MBA students


'This film was series of conversations organised by members of the MBA class of 2020. It was our response as a class to the displays of anti-black racism that captured the attention of the international community in May of 2020.

Our conversations and actions against racism were far from perfect, but they were a helpful starting point for our class, and hopefully the wider School community. The goal was to encourage everyone affiliated with the School to step into those uncomfortable spaces, to hold each other and our school accountable, even when it feels like change is slow to come.

We hope this video continues to serve as a reminder to speak up, share your thoughts and feelings on systemic issues like racism. You will not only hold those around you accountable, but you will find friends and allies you did not know you had, and in doing so, build a stronger, safer community for everyone.'

Documentary - In the cold dark night


This is the latest film from Emmy-nominated director and producer Stephen Robert Morse (MBA 2015, Saïd Business School). 

The film tells the story of a quest for justice for a murder victim and his family. Set in Griffin, Georgia, In the Cold Dark Night explores the racially motivated 1983 murder of Timothy Coggins remained unsolved for 35 years until a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent discovered a file that revealed lost evidence and secrets about the murder.

The film can be seen in the UK on sky documentaries as well as on now TV. In the US the film can be seen on Hulu and ABC as an episode of 20/20.

EDI Leadership Group

Appointed in December 2020, our first Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Rhonda Hadi, developed a strategy to execute recommendations from the Anti-Racism Initiative Report (ARIT). This plan now guides our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Leadership Group, established in April 2021. 

Our EDI Leadership Group, chaired by the Dean*, is drawn from faculty, researchers, and professional staff. They, in turn, will work with a broader-based working group, and both will report to the Senior Leadership Group and the School Board to ensure that their work is fully embedded in all areas of the School. 

*Richard Barker, represents the School's Interim Leadership Team from 1 July 2021.

We are proud of achieving a bronze Athena Swan award, which recognises our commitment to achieving gender equality in academia.

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