Bespoke business solutions


In a challenging business environment, a range of bespoke learning solutions can support your team to achieve new levels of success.

Our bespoke learning programmes support you to meet your business needs and goals. Through a tailored approach, our programmes can be aligned with your organisational objectives, providing real world impact and value for your business. The specially curated programmes allow you to address the challenges faced within your organisation and drive change to excel.

Oxford University is world number one (THE World University Rankings 2023) and Saïd Business School is the UK number one for executive education (FT Rankings 2023), selecting one of our programmes gives you unparalleled access to Oxford faculty and the University of Oxford’s global research base. Through all of our bespoke business solutions, you will receive access to a tailored measurement package that allows you to track uptake and impact. Contact us to discuss a solution to take your business to the next level.

Every team has a goal of being world champion, where F1 tends to fall into a trap is spelling out how? Other courses focus on how to manage individuals, this looked at how to bring a team together, look at a company as a whole and collaboration.

Alastair Pemberton

Head of Talent, Alpine F1 Team

Online tailored learning programmes

Our world-leading programme portfolio is customised to align with your organisational needs, offering a truly bespoke experience that will support your team to thrive. This advanced learning experience delivers real business impact, improving both organisational and industry knowledge.

Each tailored online learning programme is comprised of sophisticated, industry leading technology that provides an immersive learning experience for participants. The programmes support you to reach your learning and development goals by bringing together best in class pedagogy and a tailored syllabus to meet your objectives.

Fully customised learning programmes

Through combining the expertise and rich experience of Oxford with the specific goals and challenges your organisation faces, we create a fully customised learning experience that delivers real value for your business. The programmes offer a unique opportunity to give your business leaders the edge in a competitive market.

We can blend of in-person and online study via immersive sessions and technology ensures a standout learning experience that works for you. The programmes will support your team to consider new perspectives that will drive change for your business.

Global partnerships learning programmes

Offering a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity, our global partnerships learning programmes partner the latest Oxford research and understanding with global membership organisations to create high quality, customised learning experiences that support members with their career development.

The programmes give your team unparalleled access to Oxford academic faculty and leading industry practitioners to create a rich learning environment that opens up new ways of thinking. The programmes can be delivered in person or online and will equip your team with the ability to understand the unique challenges and goals your business faces, and tackle them.


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