AI in finance

This project will explore how Artificial Intelligence affects the development and offering of services in finance.

Artificial intelligence in varied forms provides the basis for many current strategic experiments with new financial services. The development and use of artificial intelligence is a challenging process marked by key issues such as:

  • access to real financial data to train the AI
  • dependence on large financial institutions for data, while at the same time competing with them through better services.

Leveraging a partnership with the Oxford Creative Destruction Lab, and through additional interviews with key fintech firms using AI globally, this project will explore successful entrepreneurial business models using AI in finance and identify the unique challenges that this technology poses on entrepreneurial firms.

The findings of this research will inform policymakers at a global scale on:

  • how varying customer data regulations have implications for AI-based innovation
  • what challenges entrepreneurs face in the growth of such innovation
  • how to establish data and regulation sandboxes for entrepreneurial firms effectively.

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