​Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme

Drive innovation with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology


  • 6 weeks

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Online


  • £2,350

About the programme

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are driving innovation and competitive advantage for companies in many industries and environments.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based financial systems regulate trillions of dollars in assets and facilitate trillions in economic transactions. In the future blockchain technology could radically transform the role businesses, institutions, and governments play in our world.

Drawing on the expertise of Oxford faculty and industry leaders, this programme provides an understanding of this transformative technology. Built specifically for busy executives, the programme provides knowledge-rich, highly relevant content and frameworks that will help participants incorporate blockchain technology into business strategy in a sustainable, inclusive way.

An introduction to the programme



  • An understanding of how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology work, the connection between technology choices, and their impact on business models and consumers.
  • Frameworks and methodologies to analyse and articulate the challenges and opportunities associated with the use of blockchain technology in a business setting.
  • Practical considerations on regulation, compliance and governance.
  • Experience of the transformations across various sectors including finance, telecommunications, energy, entertainment and government.
  • Insights from leaders in AI and fintech start-ups, large financial institutions, investment firms, and governments, as well as an expanded global professional network.
  • Access to the official Oxford Executive Education Alumni group on LinkedIn.

Future-focused companies can determine whether they should invest in blockchain by focusing on specific use cases and their market position. Dominant players who can establish their blockchain as the market solution should be making the moves now.

Martin Schmalz

Professor of Finance and Economics, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford



An overview of the programme, the next-generation AI platform used to deliver it, and the community of fellow innovators and leaders.  
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Applications to join the programme will be accepted until the end of the orientation module.

Module 1

Fundamentals: Blockchain protocols, networks and cryptocurrencies

Examine the basics of how a blockchain protocol works, including what a protocol is, where cryptocurrencies fit in, models for consensus amongst network participants, the trade-offs inherent in these designs, and more.

Module 2

Opportunity: Use cases across industries 

In the module learners will continue to explore applications of blockchain technology by examining specific examples of blockchain use cases across a variety of industries and lenses, including business models and business metrics, and how companies can monetise specific use cases. 

Module 3

Landscape: The blockchain ecosystem and applications

In this module learners will gain an understanding of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ecosystem by examining the various stakeholders that comprise the global blockchain community and their respective roles, incentives, organisational dynamics, competitive dynamics between stakeholders, and the differences between various emergent sectors of this industry. 

Modules 4

Challenges: Legal, regulatory, environmental, social and governance (ESG), and other considerations

You will explore how securities, data, privacy, anti-trust, and tax laws impact the use of blockchain technology. You will examine the regulatory landscapes of blockchain technology in different parts of the world, and learn to address environment, social, and corporate governance opportunities and challenges with this new technology. 


Module 5

How to evaluate and articulate a business case for blockchain technology

Evaluate the benefits and risks of bringing blockchain technology into an organisation and outline a business case for blockchain applications.

Module 6

Advice for entrepreneurs and the future

Advice and guidance for entrepreneurs looking to launch disruptive innovations and we look to the future of digital disruption. You will examine what the future of regulation will be for these technologies and how that may impact their disruptive power. You will also explore what the world would look like if entrepreneurial thinking is embraced.

The thinking behind the programme

This programme is founded in combining rigorous theoretical strategic frameworks from Oxford, with an array of blockchain practitioners from across the world. The learning is structured around group work into a blockchain use case, and concentrates on extensive use of showcases to lead participants through the very latest successful strategies and experiences taking place in this emerging field. 

In order to achieve the learning objectives, Oxford is able to convene a powerful range of contributors from world leading data scientists, as well as a number of practising entrepreneurs, technologists and financiers from multiple sectors.

Meet the faculty

The programme is led by Martin Schmalz, Professor of Finance and Economics, and Meltem Demirors, a global expert in cryptocurrency. 

They are joined by faculty from across the School and the wider University of Oxford, who share their personal research and knowledge from the Oxford Future of Finance and Technology Initiative.

Guest speakers

In each module, you will access the latest thinking and real-world application from global experts in blockchain, cryptocurrency and tech-based industries.  

Options for organisations

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