The oNetwork



The oNetwork is a group of highly experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who share their expertise with Oxford Saïd students and alumni.

At a glance

The members of our community show passion and alignment to the School's vision and mission and exhibit a strong desire to see the next generation of Saïd Business School leaders succeed.









Be a part of the programme

What is it?

An international community of entrepreneurs and business leaders working closely with Saïd Business School students and alumni to enrich their professional journeys and support their entrepreneurial ambitions. 

Activities range from lunchtime talks and workshops to one-to-one mentoring sessions throughout the year. Students receive useful insights and teachings different sectors and industries, as well as the opportunity to ask for advice in an exclusive setting. 



Who are we looking for?

You have built a solid foundation of entrepreneurial or business experience, whether in one single sector or across a range of sectors, and are well-versed in representing products and services to consumers, businesses, and governments here in the UK and worldwide. Our experts are also good communicators and enjoy working with young people. 


Why get involved?

As a member of the oNetwork you have the opportunity to:

  • Be part of a vibrant and dynamic network, having direct access to world-class academics, leading entrepreneurs and business professionals. 
  • Contribute to shaping our young leaders' futures by by providing guidance and advice within specific areas of expertise
  • Have exposure to our impressive student and alumni cohorts, with a potential for professional relationships to develop beyond the Business School.
  • Cultivate your professional reputation around specific topics.

What is the commitment?

Our experts are required to commit pro bono on-campus involvement supporting the Entrepreneurship Centre in various ways depending on their expertise, interest and availability. Examples of activities may include:

  • One-to-one and/or group mentoring
  • Delivering informal lectures and/or workshops
  • Giving feedback as part of judging panels
  • Providing advice and guidance to students or Entrepreneurship Centre staff, where relevant.