Impact Lab

Our goal is to strengthen the Oxford MBA programming for students who are committed to impactful careers and leading systemic change.

Run by the Skoll Centre, Impact Lab is a co-curricular impact leadership programme that supports University of Oxford students who are committed to having an impact-driven career. Impact Lab helps students to explore different mindsets and approaches to building an impact career as a:

  • social intrapreneur - fostering social or environmental change within large established organisations
  • social entrepreneur - creating new ventures to address social or environmental challenges
  • social extrapreneur - working across organisational boundaries to orchestrate systemic change.

Hear from our 2020 Impact Lab participants

Who is the programme for?

The Impact Lab programme is open to postgraduate students of the University of Oxford including MBA students at Saïd Business School.


    • Kick-off retreat where we take you on a residential weekend to connect with your cohort.
    • A series of thematic modules taught by thought leaders and practitioners.
    • Brown bag lunchtime talks (open to all).
    • Storytelling workshops taught by an expert TEDx currator and a chance to hone the art through our storytelling cafés.
    • Mentoring programme from impact-focused Oxford Business Alumni.

    One of the most valuable aspects is the community it fosters. The Lab aims to cultivate not only future change leaders but also a strong network of like-minded individuals who will be connected for life.

    Impact Lab made my year here. All my closest friendships were developed within this cohort. Not only did I gain hard skills, I also learned more about myself and the world around me. Such a special opportunity and has made me a better person.

    Impact Lab participant, 2020

    Applications to cohort two (Hilary term 2024)

      Selection criteria:

      • demonstrate a commitment to an impact career
      • have three+ years' industry experience (this may include both formal and informal positions, including founders of ventures, internships and other volunteer positions)
      • possess a growth mindset and openness to learning
      • demonstrate a commitment to personal and professional development
      • an interest in exploring social impact and private sector linkages.

      Impact Lab accepts applications from MBA students and other postgraduate students from the University of Oxford. Impact Lab will accept two cohorts this academic year: 25 students in Michaelmas and 25 students in Hilary, bringing the two cohorts together at the end of Hilary for joint alumni events and a graduation ceremony.

      Applications for Impact Lab are now open for Hilary term 2024.


      Application timeline for cohort two (Hilary term 2024)

      • 23 October 2023 - applications open
      • 20 November 2023 - applications due
      • Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by 30 November
      • 2-5 December 2023 - interviews
      • 15 December 2023 - cohort announcement