MSc in Financial Economics scholarships profiles


We are delighted to introduce the 2022-23 MSc in Financial Economics (MFE) scholars.

These scholars have all received funding in recognition of their past successes (both academic and professional).

2022-23 Class

Yanghui Victor Chen

Oxford-Creat Group Graduate Scholarship
St Catherine's College

Devoting himself to impact investing, Victor has developed a strong passion for leveraging the capital markets to promote sustainable development during his experience at investment banks. He appreciates the scholarship for encouraging him to ameliorate climate change with the primary market.

Muhammad Ibrahim

Rewley Scholarships
Exeter College

With a finance and computer science combination in his BSc, Ibrahim chose the Oxford MFE because of its exposure to a wide variety of financial careers. He is eager to interact with the diverse cohort and partake in the MFE masterclasses to prepare for a career in capital markets.

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