Oxford Private Markets Investments Programme

Alternative Investment Management
Learn the language and techniques of private markets


  • 6 weeks

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Online


  • £2,200

About the programme

Explore how to integrate private market assets into your investment strategy.

Launching in autumn 2020, the Oxford Private Markets Investments Programme will build on your existing financial industry experience to broaden your knowledge of this niche sector, enabling you to diversify your investment portfolio and the services you offer clients.

Gain access and insight into the world of private markets and learn the necessary skills to capitalise on new opportunities. Through this programme you will:

  • Operate confidently and knowledgeably within the evolving sector of private market investments
  • Evaluate, acquire, and add value to private assets, and compile an investment memorandum 
  • Negotiate a debt package with a bank or private credit fund
  • Negotiate a limited partnership agreement, and implement a private market strategy
  • Contextualise real-world events and analyse current reports to ascertain the returns from assets and funds

Delivered in partnership with online learning provider, GetSmarter, you will be part of a community learning together through a dedicated Online Campus. 


Preqin is a data, solutions and insights platform for alternative assets professionals, and is one of the data providers for this online programme. 

The sharpest business minds are drawn to fields like private equity and private credit, and it is one of the most challenging and exciting areas in the financial world.

Ludovic Phalippou

Programme Director, Oxford Private Markets Investments Programme


On completion of this programme, you’ll walk away with:

  • The confidence and knowledge to operate within the evolving sector of private market investments
  • Insight into the world of private markets, and the necessary skill to capitalise on new opportunities
  • Exposure to a diverse group of world-leading industry experts from around the globe
  • Access to the official Oxford Executive Education Alumni group on LinkedIn

Programme Director

You will be guided by prominent industry thought-leaders, who will share their experience and in-depth subject knowledge.

Professor Ludovic Phalippou is the Programme Director, he adopts an informal and provocative approach to teaching, while deeply tied to academic research and rigour.

The thinking behind the programme

You will gain access to world-leading research to help you navigate the private market landscape. Find out more about the research centres contributing to the programme's teaching.

Private Equity Laid Bare


Ludovic Phalippou’s textbook Private Equity Laid Bare covers the jargon and mechanics of private equity using simplified examples, real-life situations and academic studies. The book, which features an Alice in Wonderland theme, will be adapted into a new version to fit the wider scope of this programme. Following Alice (an asset manager) in Wonderland (a new, exciting and complex land) and her faithful capital providers (asset owners Mad and Hatter), you’ll seamlessly become accustomed to the language, landscape and customs of private equity.


Orientation module

Welcome to your online campus

Module 1

Becoming fluent in the private market language.

Appreciating the current state of the industry and identifying all the stakeholders in the investment process and the special tools available to add value to private assets.


Module 2

Private asset acquisition and management.

Valuation, financial modelling, leverage and exit strategies.


Module 3

Fund structuring, fees, terms and trading.

Explore private market structures and the legal frameworks that underpin them.


Module 4

Performance evaluation: risk and return.

Ascertain an accurate and comprehensive analysis of both absolute and relative returns from private assets.

Module 5

The role of private markets in modern strategic asset allocation.

Learn how to allocate and manage a private market portfolio.


Module 6

The future of private markets.

Megatrends and the future of private markets.



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