Oxford Strategic Management Executive Programme

Develop essential management skills in leadership, strategy and finance with a curated learning experience.

Start date:


  • 6 months (including orientation and two week-long breaks)

Time commitment:

  • Part time


  • Online


  • £6,250

About the programme

To succeed in today's increasingly dynamic world, business executives need a holistic and strategic set of capabilities that will empower them to drive their careers, and organisation, forward in the face of complexity.

Gain the knowledge and tools to enhance your management capabilities and become a more effective leader on the Oxford Strategic Management Executive Programme.

This learning journey leverages content from three leading online Oxford programmes to provide you with core leadership, strategy, and finance skills to drive a competitive advantage for your company. As you progress through the programme, you’ll learn how to better manage teams, make more informed financial decisions, and achieve organisation-wide strategic objectives.

About the programme



  • The ability to successfully navigate change and uncertainty using an integrated approach to management.
  • The leadership knowledge to think critically about the current business landscape and drive effective decision-making.
  • The skills to bring greater value to your teams and organisation as you lead them forward to achieve strategic goals.
  • Exclusive insights gained from the research and experience of leading faculty from the University of Oxford and over 60 guest experts.

Curriculum - Section 1 - Executive Leadership

Orientation module

Welcome to your Online Campus

Week 1

Effective leadership – Leading for high performance

Week 2

The job of the leader - Envisioning and engaging

Week 3

The job of the leader - Choosing and connecting

Week 4

Leading with power and influence

Week 5

Leading teams for effective performance

Week 6

Strategies and models for leading change

Week 7

Mastering complexity and plurality

Week 8

Reflect on your purpose as a leader

Curriculum - Section 2 - Executive Finance

Week 9

Programme break - Orientation to executive finance

Week 10

Valuation: Time value of money, net present value (NPV), and internal rate of return (IRR)

Week 11

Financial decision-making: Measuring risk, return, and the cost of capital

Week 12

Corporate finance - raising capital effectively

Week 13

Exit strategies: Initial public offerings (IPOs) and mergers and acquisitions (M&As)

Week 14

Corporate governance

Week 15

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors

Curriculum - Section 3 - Executive Strategy

Week 16

Programme break - Orientation to executive strategy

Week 17

Unlocking strategy - The Oxford view

Week 18

Working with futures - Addressing changing environments

Week 19

Making strategy purposeful - Managing plurality

Week 20

Engaging players - Developing strategy statements that count

Week 21

Building partnership - Collaborating and competing

Week 22

Broadening strategy processes - Designing new strategy processes

Week 23

Strategy into practice - Assembling your playbook

Meet the faculty

About the certificate

Upon successful completion of the programme, you’ll receive an executive certificate to validate your skills as a strategic leader.

Assessment is continuous and based on practical assignments completed online. You’ll need to meet the requirements outlined in the programme handbook. The handbook is shared as soon as you begin the programme.

The CPD Certification Service

This programme is certified by The CPD Certification Service. It may be applicable to individuals who are members of, or are associated with, UK-based professional bodies.