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  • Start date: 22 May 2024
  • Duration: 10 weeks. 1 week orientation, 9 weeks of modules  
  • Location: Online
  • Cost: £3,500

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial in our ever-changing business landscape. Understanding the broader picture and how pieces of the business puzzle fit together is key to adapting. The Oxford MBA Fundamentals will help you develop a strong understanding of the essential business concepts required to succeed in the shifting environment today and in the future.

In this course, you will gain vital knowledge of fundamental business disciplines, including:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Business analytics
  • Finance and economics
  • Leadership
  • Organisational design
  • Impact

The programme provides high-level business insights, diverse points of view and fresh ideas from Oxford Saïd’s international faculty. By actively researching and informing the future of business, our faculty members are not just teachers; they are thought leaders in their respective fields. Under their guidance, you will gain a practical framework and tools that you can immediately apply to your current role.



Whether you are a seasoned manager or just stepping into the business world, MBA Fundamentals will give you high-level business insights, diverse viewpoints and fresh ideas to push your business and career forward today and prepare for the future.

Andrew Stephen

Academic Director and Deputy Dean for Faculty and Research

What you’ll learn

  • How to develop critical thinking skills for strategic decision-making to drive growth and innovation​
  • How to apply new learnings to lead more effectively and find solutions to your business challenges
  • How to adapt to change and navigate challenges in areas such as digital transformation, sustainability and environmental responsibility, new ways of working and diversity and inclusion

Comprehensive virtual sessions across nine modules allow you to access powerful content wherever and whenever is most convenient. Collaborate with a diverse group of peers and faculty with different backgrounds and points of view to give you an integrated global perspective on the current business landscape and help you prepare for the future. 

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Further information

Read more about  how the programme is delivered, answers to common questions and the programme's terms and conditions.


If you have any questions, please contact us at OnlineExecEd@sbs.ox.ac.uk or +44(0)1865 288805.


Module learning time is estimated at 5-6 hours per module. Each module has three units.

Unit one: fundamentals for today

This unit provides you with answers to the following questions:

  • What are the fundamental topics within this business discipline?
  • Why are they important in organisations today?

Unit two: applied to the world

This unit enables you to explore real-life examples and case studies. It shows you how the concepts covered in unit one are applied in organisations and also allows you to apply the concepts from unit one in practical exercises.

Unit three: fresh ideas for the future

This unit presents topics through a future-oriented lens. You will learn and consider up-and-coming issues and developments in the discipline. This unit refers to the latest research from Saïd Business School.



This module aims to prepare you for the rest of the programme and will:

  • familiarise you with the online campus
  • provide you with an overview of the programme handbook
  • introduce you to the programme team
  • cover some introductory course material including pre-reading materials, basic definitions and a glossary


Module 1: Business strategy

You will learn to leverage strategic frameworks and innovative thinking to formulate and communicate strategic recommendations, while embracing new trends beyond conventional methods.

This involves understanding an organisation's strategic context and resources, crafting strategic advice accordingly, and acknowledging the evolving landscape of strategic planning.

Module 2: Customers and marketing

Discover how vital marketing is to an organisation's strategic objectives, emphasising customer-centricity as a growth driver.

You'll explore:

  • key marketing frameworks
  • the benefits of inclusive practices for strategy and engagement
  • the role of new technologies in enhancing marketing efforts, highlighting marketing's extensive influence on the business success

Module 3: Innovation and entrepreneurship

Module three will demonstrate to you that entrepreneurship requires resilience and adaptability to tackle challenges such as securing funding and navigating market unpredictability.

You'll delve into the use of critical frameworks for assessing the viability of business ideas. This module will also emphasise the importance of innovation and scalability, equipping you with the knowledge to disrupt and succeed in dynamic markets.

Module 4: Operations management

We will teach you to generate value in operations by ensuring they align with your business strategy.

You'll learn to adopt a process view for a detailed analysis of business processes, enabling you to identify and eliminate waste. This approach not only streamlines operations but also aligns them more closely with strategic goals, emphasising the critical role of efficient operations in achieving business success.

Module 5: Business analytics

You will explore the value of business analytics for organisations, understand various data-driven techniques, and learn to integrate analytics effectively. 

You'll also examine the challenges of implementing these tools and reflect on the future of analytics in shaping business strategies.

Module 6: Finance and economics

A focus on mastering fundamental finance skills, including valuation principles and financial modelling. 

You’ll learn how to engage in impact investing and maximise your outcomes.

In particular, you’ll enhance your ability to conduct valuation analysis, build financial models and apply these principles in real-life scenarios.

Module 7: People management and leadership

We will enable you to recognise your own leadership style and identify how you persuade and influence others. 

You’ll also analyse the different phases that teams move through in order to understand motivation and team development.

Above all, you’ll understand the assumptions, values, and artefacts that characterise an organisation’s culture and sub-cultures. 

Module 8: Organisational design

This module will lead you to the strategy that best suits your organisation’s needs and to works to the strength of its team members.

You’ll review the key organisational strategies and how to match the right people and processes to optimise impact for the longer term within an ever-changing organisational context.

Module 9: Impact from within

During this final module, you will bring together what you have learnt in order to tackle global business challenges.

From the individual level, through business impact and into the wider world, you will begin adopting approaches that suit your business context and create value.


The programme is led by Andrew Stephen, Deputy Dean for Faculty and Research, L’Oreal Professor of Marketing.

He is joined by faculty from across the School and the wider University of Oxford, who lead each module and share their research and knowledge from the various University research centres and initiatives.


Your certificate

On successful completion of this programme you will be awarded an official digital certificate of attendance in your legal name from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. To be issued with a digital certificate, you’ll need to meet the requirements outlined in the course orientation module.

Please note this course is not eligible for CPD or CPE credits.


Participants who complete an Oxford Saïd Executive Education online programme are automatically part of the Oxford Saïd Business School elumni community.

The Elumni Community

Our thriving community comprises more than 37,000 ambitious professionals hailing from 177 countries and representing diverse sectors like finance, law, marketing, healthcare, and energy. A significant number of these individuals proceed to undertake additional online or on-campus programmes, including short courses, executive diplomas, or MBAs.

Oxford Saïd Elumni Network

The Oxford Saїd Elumni Network is a virtual hub specially crafted for elumni. Acknowledging that the journey of professional growth doesn't cease with programme completion; the platform is devised to motivate, encourage, and provide support to elumni as they pursue their career ambitions. It offers elumni an avenue to engage with Saïd Business School faculty, gaining access to expert opinions, research insights, and thought leadership. Furthermore, the network facilitates purposeful global networking, enabling collaborative endeavours for sharing ideas, expertise, and tackling challenges collectively.

You will also gain access to the official Oxford Executive Education Elumni group on LinkedIn.

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