Our online platform programmes: further information

Oxford online experience

Our flexible online courses, structured in weekly modules, empower busy professionals to excel without compromising work and family commitments. At the outset of every week, your tutor team will bring to life the rich treasure trove of learning that will be at your fingertips. You will also be supported by a dedicated success advisor to ensure effective goal-setting and time management.

Our tailored approach thrives through subject expert tutors who guide discussions, address queries and review assignments.

Each week you will engage in a mixture of:

  • digital videos or audio content, enhanced by material created exclusively for the course
  • quizzes and exercises designed specifically to help you understand and retain new information
  • dialogue with your academic director, tutors and peers via discussion forums and small group sessions
  • simulations and other carefully crafted interactions to provide an engaging learning experience
  • real-life examples that place information in context to help you understand how the concepts delivered in the course material can be applied to your work environment.


Programme fees must be paid in full before you get access to the programme. You may not pay in instalments.

You or your company can pay via credit card, bank transfer or invoice; just add the relevant billing and/or company details during registration. For most countries, this can be in your own local currency.

Once you have accessed the learning materials, you may not receive a refund.


Discounts available:

  • 10% discount for Oxford Saïd elumni
  • 15% discount for Oxford Saïd and Oxford University alumni (incl. Associate alumni)
  • Discounts are available for Oxford Saïd and Oxford University Press (OUP) staff


Deferrals may be granted in exceptional circumstances.


Time commitment

Our general guidance is 7-10 hours per week. Programmes typically run for seven weeks (one week of orientation plus six weeks of modules) and combine live and self-paced learning.

Accessing the content

Module content is released at 11am GMT every Wednesday and is available to access and complete until 10am GMT the following Wednesday.

There will be one live event with the Academic Director(s).

Most programmes have optional (but highly encouraged) weekly tutorial events to:

  • help support learning and understanding
  • engage with the Academic Director(s) for the mid-course event
  • ask questions
  • engage with tutors on course topics, including assignment clarification.

These modules and recorded webinars will all be available on the online learning campus. 

Extra support

You will have three types of support:

  1. A tutor to support with academic content.
  2. A success advisor to help with timings and link you to technical support if required.
  3. Access to chat forums to connect with your cohort for networking and peer support. 

Professional requirements

There are no essential qualifications or selection criteria for you to enrol. If you feel you will benefit from the programme and can dedicate the time to complete it, you are welcome.

Typical participants are educated to a bachelor’s/master's level, have 5-15 years’ experience and tend to be in positions from middle-manager to C-suite level. However, we also welcome participants from all levels of experience.

Exams, assignments and qualifications

Each module usually contains ungraded knowledge checks, a graded quiz, a short reflection, discussions and work towards an ongoing project. The marks for each assignment are added together to give a final mark. The overall pass mark is 50% (averaged across all modules) for every programme, except the Oxford Cyber Security Briefing which has a 70% pass mark and three quizzes (no assignments).

Assignments are typically essay-style questions, asking you to relate the content or theory of a module to your own organisation. However, some assignments may take the form of presentations or business cases. Tutors will help you create scenarios if you do not have an organisation to use for case studies.

Verification requests

If an employer needs to verify your completion of a programme, they may email OxfordSuccess@sbs.ox.ac.uk with your name, email address, programme name and completion date.


Once you have successfully completed a programme you are entitled to:

  • 10% discount on all subsequent programmes
  • access to the elumni community; a network of over 40,000 professionals from 176 countries, across all sectors
  • invitations to exclusive online and in-person events
  • access to exclusive content

Please note that the Oxford Cyber Security Briefing does not qualify for these benefits.

Technical requirements

You will need:

  • a current email account
  • access to a computer and the internet
  • a PDF reader and ability to view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • use of Microsoft Word or similar

We recommend using Google Chrome on a PC when accessing the online campus. 

Options for organisations

We have a tiered discount structure available for organisations who want to send multiple participants on one or multiple programmes. For group enrolments, email OnlineExeced@sbs.ox.ac.uk

For tailored versions of online programmes for individual organisations and associations, email customised@sbs.ox.ac.uk

Terms and conditions

Read the online platform terms and conditions.

Participants are unable to join a cohort part way through the programme.