Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme

Unlock your leadership potential

Start date:


  • 22 weeks

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Online


  • £6,250

About the series

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the demand for highly skilled leaders has never been greater. To thrive, executives must possess a holistic skill set that not only advances their own careers but also fosters resilient, high-performing organisations. The Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme offers a transformative journey, equipping you with the leadership, strategy and resilience skills needed to ensure your organisation's enduring success.

The programme combines the expertise of three prestigious Oxford online programmes into a curated learning journey designed to equip you with core leadership skills. As you progress through the programme, you'll:

  • develop the ability to navigate change and uncertainty with an integrated approach to management
  • gain critical thinking skills to make informed decisions in today's dynamic business landscape
  • bring greater value to your teams and organisation as you lead them toward achieving strategic goals
  • cultivate a crystal-clear leadership vision, rooted in your 'why'
  • gain invaluable insights to fuel long-term business success
  • acquire the tools necessary to fortify your organisation's resilience.

Delivered in collaboration with digital education provider GetSmarter, a 2U, Inc. brand, you will be part of a community learning together through a dedicated Online Campus.

Programmes in this series

Receive a 15% discount on the three programmes

Discover a curated learning path that will help you to expand your entrepreneurial knowledge and skills with ease. Designed to provide you with maximum flexibility, this series will allow you to tailor your learning experience to suit your schedule and preferences. You'll have the freedom to select your preferred start date for each programme, enabling you to seamlessly integrate your learning commitments into your existing personal and professional obligations. You'll also have the exclusive opportunity to network with a dynamic network of like-minded peers and expert faculty.

  • Executive Leadership: over eight weeks, hone your leadership style, align your purpose with your organisation's strategic focus, and become a driving force for transformative change.
  • Enterprise Leadership: following a brief interlude, dive into strategic alignment, define your organisation's purpose, and craft a compelling vision for its future over six weeks.
  • Leading through Uncertainty and Disruption - Building Resilient Organisations: after another short break, embrace the challenge of leading through uncertainty. Reflect on your personal capacity for resilience, integrate resilience into your organization's structures, and develop a strategic plan to enhance your organisation as a visionary business leader.


Over the duration of this series, you’ll work through the following modules, starting with a welcome orientation to your online campus.

Applications to join the programme will be accepted until the end of the orientation module.

Executive Leadership

Module 1

Effective leadership: leading for high performance

Reflect on the relationship between effective leadership and performance in organisations.

Module 2

The job of the leader: envisioning and engaging

Learn about vision and engagement as two core activities of leaders.

Module 3

The job of the leader: choosing and connecting

Learn about decision-making and connection as two core activities of leaders.

Module 4

Leading with power and influence

Explore the significance of power and influence within leadership.

Module 5

Leading teams for effective performance

Explore the functions and dynamics of high-performance leadership.

Module 6

Strategies and models for leading change

Consider the role of the leader in driving change.

Module 7

Mastering complexity and plurality

Explore strategies to manage the complexity inherent in leadership.

Module 8

Reflect on your purpose as a leader

Establish alignment between your personal purpose and the purpose of your organisation.

The online sessions with Jonathan Trevor were immensely valuable; the group discussions with fellow students proved to be eye-opening experiences. The insights gained from the programme proved invaluable in understanding and tackling work challenges.

Michael Drokin

Oxford Enterprise Leadership Programme alumnus

Enterprise Leadership

Module 1

The importance of strategic alignment

What is strategic alignment and why does it matter?

Module 2

The purpose-led enterprise

What do you do as an enterprise and why do you do it?

Module 3

Crafting a winning business strategy

What is your enterprise trying to win at?

Module 4

Superior organisational capability and architecture 

What does your enterprise need to be good at to win and what makes you good?

Module 5

Fit-for-purpose management systems 

What delivers the performance your enterprise needs to win?

Module 6

Leading your enterprise to win 

How can you lead your enterprise to sustainable success?

The programme allowed me to discover how my previous experience was relevant to future scenarios through learning about resilience at a leading academic institution. We were equipped to act as resilience change agents.

Elaine Roberts

Oxford Leading Through Uncertainty and Disruption Programme alumna

Leading Through Uncertainty and Disruption

Module 1


Advancing resilient leadership

Module 2


Developing your strategic resilience

Module 3


Building operational resilience

Module 4


Reinforcing social resilience

Module 5

Supply chains

Strengthening supply chain resilience

Module 6


Maximising systems-wide resilience


This series is guided by prominent industry thought leaders who will share their experience and in-depth knowledge of the venture and business model creation, financing, and marketing processes with you.

If you are interested in discovering your purpose as an authentic leader and making an impactful and meaningful contribution within your organisation and to society, then this programme is for you.

Alvaro Javier Valencia

Oxford Executive Leadership Programme alumnus

About the certificate

Upon successful completion of the programme, you’ll receive a certificate of attendance.

Assessment for each programme is continuous and based on a series of practical assignments completed online. In order to be issued with your digital certificate, you’ll need to meet the requirements outlined in the programme handbook. Each handbook will be made available to you as soon as you begin that programme.

The CPD Certification Service

All programmes in this series are certified by The CPD Certification Service. It may be applicable to individuals who are members of, or associated with, UK-based professional bodies. Combined, the three programmes have an estimated 220 hours of learning.