Oxford Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Series

Use artificial intelligence to revamp your marketing approach for the era of disruption

Start date:


  • 14 weeks

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Online


  • £3,651

About the series

Uncover real-world artificial intelligence (AI) applications, revolutionary digital marketing strategies and equip yourself to orchestrate successful campaigns amidst the disruptions of our time.

The series is a learning path designed for marketing and business leaders looking to enhance their strategic skills. It will equip you to stay at the forefront, helping you form an informed perspective on AI's applications and providing the tools to construct a robust business case for implementation. Develop the skills and confidence to navigate the disruptive forces in the digital marketing sphere, adapting your marketing approach with precision.


Programmes in this series

Receive a 15% discount on the two programmes.

  • Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme: over six weeks you’ll gain a thorough understanding of AI technology and the insight to develop strong opinions on its possibilities, limitations, and ethical, legal and societal implications.
  • Oxford Digital Marketing: Disruptive Strategy Programme: over eight weeks you’ll develop the skills and confidence to respond to the disruptive forces in digital marketing by effectively leveraging emerging technologies and channels in your strategies.

Designed to provide you with maximum flexibility, this series will allow you to tailor your learning experience to suit your unique schedule and preferences. You'll have the freedom to select your preferred start date for each programme, enabling you to seamlessly integrate your learning commitments into your existing personal and professional obligations. You'll also have the exclusive opportunity to network with a dynamic network of like-minded peers and expert faculty.


The two short programmes are broken down into manageable, weekly modules designed to accelerate your learning process through diverse activities. Over the duration of this series, you’ll work through the following modules.

Programme 1: Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme

Orientation module

Welcome to your online campus

Applications to join the programme will be accepted until the end of the orientation module.

Module 1

Artificial intelligence ecosystem

Explore the history and potential of AI within the context of the digital ecosystem.

Module 2

AI and machine learning: understanding the black box

Delve into the mechanics of the three main types of machine learning: supervised, reinforcement and unsupervised learning.

Module 3

Deep learning and neural networks

Understand what deep learning is and how it is powering the modern approach to AI.

Module 4

Working with intelligent machines

Explore the concept of intelligence in machines and the impact of AI in the labour market. 

Module 5

Ethics of AI

Explore the hierarchy of ethical and legal considerations around artificial intelligence.

Module 6

How to drive AI in your business

Identify the potential business opportunity of AI in a specific context.

It is one of the best programmes I’ve ever attended. I would call it an action-packed thriller technology course... It is like parallel processing computers, where we get so much knowledge and so many ideas from fellow students.

Roni Ukken

Director, Sheperd Limited UK

Programme 2: Oxford Digital Marketing: Disruptive Strategy Programme

Orientation module

Welcome to your online campus

Applications to join the programme will be accepted until the end of the orientation module.

Module 1

Marketing disrupted

Gain an overview of the history and key trends of the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

Module 2

Marketing psychology

Develop a holistic understanding of the people involved in marketing and the psychology behind their decision making.

Module 3

Value creation

Gain a deeper understanding of how value is created and why it should be a central consideration when driving growth.

Module 4

Established digital marketing channels

Explore established digital marketing channels and gain insight into why precision targeting and programmatic advertising are strategically important.

Module 5

Emerging digital marketing channels

Gain insight into emerging digital marketing channels and the ways to use new technologies strategically.

Module 6

The power of communities and influence

Understand the opportunities and challenges presented by online communities.

Module 7

Experimentation, measurement and analytics

Develop an understanding of how to make data-driven decisions.

Module 8

The future of marketing

Learn how to leverage the power of digital communities and social influence, and understand the opportunities and challenges presented by online communities.

The teaching and tutoring are some of the best that I have met in my career... I would highly recommend this course to any middle or senior manager who wants to bring their digital marketing skills and know-how up to date.

Jørn Degn

Product Marketing Manager, Beijer Electronics


The series is curated under the guidance of esteemed industry thought leaders. Drawing from their wealth of experience and profound expertise in AI and digital marketing, they impart invaluable insights to participants.

About the certificates

Upon successful completion of each programme you’ll receive a certificate of attendance.

Assessment is continuous and based on a series of practical assignments completed online. In order to be issued with your digital certificate, you will need to meet the requirements outlined in the programme handbook. Each handbook will be made available to you as soon as you begin that programme.

The CPD Certification Service

All programmes in this series are certified by The CPD Certification Service. It may be applicable to individuals who are members of, or associated with, UK-based professional bodies. Combined, the two programmes have an estimated 140 hours of learning.


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