Oxford Digital Marketing: Disruptive Strategy Programme

Generate growth in a marketing landscape continually disrupted by new technology

Start date:


  • 8 weeks

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Online


  • £1,995

About the programme

In a world increasingly transformed by technology, marketers need to re-evaluate their approach and make better decisions to provide customer value.

The advanced, highly practical Oxford Digital Marketing: Disruptive Strategy Programme was developed for innovative marketing and advertising professionals who need to create and implement disruptive strategies to generate future business value and growth.

The programme has been developed by Oxford Saïd faculty and leading industry experts, with insight from the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative, to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of disruptive trends in the digital marketing landscape, and to prepare you for future opportunities with an open mindset.

Delivered in collaboration with digital education provider GetSmarter, a 2U, Inc. brand, you will be part of a community learning together through a dedicated Online Campus.

An introduction to the programme

Andrew Stephen, Programme Convenor


  • Insight into the use of disruptive digital channels and technologies in advertising and marketing
  • The skills to effectively analyse and leverage data to make impactful, strategic marketing decisions
  • An integrated digital marketing strategy based on your own organisational context
  • Guidance from leading industry experts and Oxford Saïd faculty, and access to the official Oxford Executive Education Alumni group on LinkedIn

Programme outline

Orientation Module

Welcome to your online campus

Applications to join the programme will be accepted until the end of the Orientation Module.

Module 1

Marketing disrupted

Gain an overview of the history and key trends of the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

Module 2

Marketing psychology

Develop a holistic understanding of the people involved in marketing and the psychology behind their decision making.

Module 3

Value creation

Gain a deeper understanding of how value is created and why it should be a central consideration when driving growth.

Module 4

Established digital marketing channels

Explore established digital marketing channels and gain insight into why precision targeting and programmatic advertising are strategically important.

Module 5

Emerging digital marketing channels

Gain insight into emerging digital marketing channels and the ways to use new technologies strategically.

Module 6

The power of communities and influence

Understand the opportunities and challenges presented by online communities.

Module 7

Experimentation, measurement and analytics

Develop an understanding of how to make data-driven decisions.

Module 8

The future of marketing

Learn how to leverage the power of digital communities and social influence, and understand the opportunities and challenges presented by online communities.

What our alumni say

The teaching and tutoring are some of the best that I have met in my career...I would highly recommend this course to any middle or senior manager who wants to bring their digital marketing skills and know-how up to date.

Jørn Degn

Product Marketing Manager, Beijer Electronics


The programme is led by Professor Andrew Stephen, a world leading academic marketing expert, whose work focuses particularly on the interface between marketing and technology. He was recently recognised as one of the top marketing academics in the world (and #1 in the UK) by the American Marketing Association. Andrew is joined throughout the modules by subject matter experts and industry practitioners at the forefront of strategic marketing.

Andrew leads the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative here at the School, which brings together industry leaders and academics as a global hub for research and thought leadership around issues that strike at the heart of the future of marketing. 

Industry expert contributors

  • Yasmeen Ahmad - Managing Director Product Activation Data & Analytics, Google Cloud
  • Stéphane Bérubé - President - L'Oréal Canada, Consumer Products Division
  • Ananad Chopra-McGowan - Vice President, Managing Director, General Assembly, (EMEA and APAC)
  • Maryn Etherington - EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Teradata
  • Jonathan Hall - Senior Partner, Global Practice Lead for Strategy, Kantar Consulting
  • Julie Kollman - Global Head of Insights, Moët Hennessy
  • Kim Larson - Global Managing Director, Google
  • Becky Owen - Branded Content EMEA, Facebook
  • David Radford - Former CMO, Allianz UK and Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School
  • Seth Rogin - CEO, Magnolia Media Partners and Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School
  • J Walker Smith - Chief Knowledge Officer, Kantar Consulting

The thinking behind the programme

The programme has been designed around specific key principles that participants interpret and start to practice by the end of their studies. 

  • Embracing complexity
  • Being proactive, not reactive
  • Preparing me, my team, and my organisation for the future of marketing
  • Creating, not destroying value for customers
  • Being a thought leader and influencer

Learning is derived from a blended perspective, convening leading expert practitioners, combining their insights and experience with the latest University of Oxford and Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative research. Participants explore a number of frameworks and tools distinctive to Oxford, including:

  • Framework for marketing with purpose and creating value
  • Value-creation audit tool
  • Paid, owned, and earned media framework
  • Framework for evaluating radical and emerging technologies



Participant experiences

'What I found most fascinating was talking to people who, on the face of it, I didn’t have much in common with. But then when I heard about what they were doing, I would find that they had ideas that could actually make a difference in my own industry.'

Elumni Kevin Bottomley, EMEA Executive Engagement Manager at Teradata, shares his insights of the programme after Teradata’s involvement in the Future of Marketing Initiative.

The CPD Certification Service

This programme is certified by The CPD Certification Service. It may be applicable to individuals who are members of, or are associated with, UK-based professional bodies.

Options for organisations

If you are looking to integrate Oxford online programmes with your organisation’s learning and development strategy with multiple colleagues completing programmes we have tailored solutions to help.