Selected past events

Reputation Symposium


We have hosted a three-day annual Reputation Symposium since 2009, except for the pandemic-affected years 2020 and 2021. It has become a leading forum for the inter-disciplinary exploration of the subject. The most recent symposium brochures can be downloaded below. For more information, please contact the Centre.

Activist Congress


Our first Activist Congress in August 2018 brought together activists, senior investment professionals and academics to explore the increasing importance of activism of all kinds to corporations, NGOs, countries and citizens, and to aid understanding of this dynamic phenomenon.

See the programme.

Media and markets conference


How reputations are won and lost in modern information markets was a conference co-hosted by our centre and the University of San Diego School of Law.

The conference explored three components of the new information age: technology, stakeholder proliferation and polarisation. It was attended by leading figures from academe, business, the media and publishing.

Discussions were captured in a white paper that includes transcripts of the presentations. Watch selected presentations