The Laidlaw Scholarships profiles


Exceptional future women leaders of tomorrow.

Recipients of the Laidlaw Scholarships are extraordinary women who come from a range of backgrounds but share a passion for gender equality. Our scholar profiles provide a taster of the work they have undertaken and their plans for the future.

Drishti Basi

Lincoln College

Drishti is an advocate for multi-partner collaborations to drive systems change. She has partnered with governments, non-profits, & social enterprises to enhance public sanitation services. At Oxford, her goal is to shape the involvement of businesses & investors in building resilient systems.

Shreya Bothra

Pembroke College

Shreya is a brand marketing professional and has previously been an entrepreneur. She is passionate about gender equality which she channels through her online publication - The Thinking Woman. She aims to grow this into a mentorship platform, using the networks and skills from the Oxford MBA.

Patrícia Gonçalves

St Catherine's College

A business advisor and former NGO leader, Patrícia has advised public and private organisations on their executive strategy, across eight different countries. She is passionate about developing innovative solutions to fight climate change and believes in business as a key driver of sustainable change.

Simeen Kaleem

Green Templeton College

Co-founder and COO at Gramhal, a social impact organisation that aims to democratise data for farmers. Gramhal works with more than a quarter of a million farmers and has answered 10 million queries. During her MBA, Simeen hopes to scale herself as a leader and Gramhal as an organisation.

Jessica Lauw

Mansfield College

Jessica hopes to combine her design and early-stage start-up experiences with the MBA to build a more equitable, entrepreneurial education system for young female founders. In her career, she has developed a training programme to upskill 3100+ Indonesian teachers in STEM subjects.

Atswei Mawufemor Mensah

Green Templeton College

Atswei is a Financial Risk Management professional, career mentor and aspiring global consultant who embodies the modern-day feminine leader. She chose Oxford because of its rich diversity of faculty and student body. She aims to use her multidisciplinary experiences to impact the global financial regulatory landscape.

Lisa Mugure

Christ Church College

Lisa’s experience spans infrastructure development, manufacturing, management consulting and business management. She is passionate about helping organizations navigate complex challenges in an ever-changing world and has a keen interest in sustainable development and green energy solutions.

Echika Obijiaku

Green Templeton College

Founder and CEO of Mwanga, driving responsible use of credit in Africa, via ethical tech-enabled collections for 500k+ users weekly. Echika aims to scale via credit education and access to economic opportunities, to help 10 million people gain a sustainable relationship with credit by 2030. 

Durga Ravindran

Green Templeton College

Durga, an MBA 1+1 candidate, completed her MPP in 2023. She worked with the Telangana State Government to improve policies on women's entrepreneurship, welfare, and education. She aims to bridge the gender gap by working at the intersection of business, government, and finance.

Delicia Ulyta

Merton College

A banker with seven year experience in retail banking across Indonesia & Singapore, Delicia aspires to improve financial inclusion in SEA region by delivering innovative and accessible financial products. She aims to harness her expertise in fintech to create a meaningful impact in the broader community.

Laidlaw Scholars Network spotlights

As recipients of the Laidlaw Scholarship, our scholars join the Laidlaw Scholars Network, a growing network of cross-generational peers from other leading institutions around the globe. The Laidlaw Scholars Network facilitates connections for leaders across industries who will reinvest their skills, knowledge, and experience to help students, peers, and colleagues.

Through this network, they have been able to share their stories and how the Laidlaw Scholarship will help them to become better future leaders. 

Alumnae scholars

Listed below are some of our alumnae scholars. They are organised by the academic years the scholarship covered.

2022-23 cohort

2021-22 cohort


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