Adara Foundation Scholarships



The Adara Foundation, a non-profit social enterprise in Nigeria, focuses on empowering women and advancing education in Africa. The Foundation shares Saïd Business School’s commitment to greater gender parity in education and supports our aim to foster a global MBA community with representation from all over the world.

Scholarship details


50% of the course fees.

Number available

One scholarship. 

Eligibility criteria

Open to female candidates who are ordinarily resident in and a national of an African country.

Selection criteria

  • Awarded on the basis of academic excellence demonstrated through degree results, GMAT or GRE score, previous university prizes and awards, and other academic achievements.
  • Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to Africa's development and an intention to continue to contribute to Africa's development. 

Additional requirements

The successful scholar will be asked by the Adara Foundation to work on a project contributing to Africa’s development during or after the programme. 

How to apply

No additional application is required. We will use the details you supply in your MBA application form to determine eligibility.


There is no fixed application deadline for this scholarship. 

All eligible offer-holders will be considered after each MBA admissions deadline however, we cannot guarantee the availability of this scholarship in our later application stages, so early application to the MBA programme is recommended. 

Meet our scholars

Africa and Oxford Saïd


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We advocate for greater levels of investment into talent from across Africa, and we currently lead the way in supporting and recruiting students from Africa. 

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