Terms and conditions - Open Programmes and Covid19

Contract terms arising from the pandemic and related circumstances

The Covid-19 Pandemic, and the resulting lockdown/social distancing requirements introduced by the UK Government, have inevitably forced the Said Business School (SBS), and the wider University, to make significant changes to how programmes are delivered. These contract terms should be read in conjunction with the Business School’s Terms and Conditions for Open Programmes (‘the SBS Standard Terms and Conditions’) and supplement those SBS Standard Terms and Conditions. If there is any conflict between the two documents, then the contract terms in this document take precedence.

Events beyond our control: The University will not be liable to you for any loss caused to you under its contract with you which results from events which are beyond the University’s reasonable control, such as: pandemic/epidemic (including but not limited to Covid-19), industrial action, acts of God, acts of terrorism, the unanticipated departure of absence of key members of University staff, or failure by third party suppliers and subcontractors. In such circumstances the University will take reasonable steps to mitigate the impact on you and to restore usual teaching and services. 

Without limiting the foregoing, during a pandemic or epidemic where in-person teaching (including lectures, tutorials or seminars) is deemed by the University to be inconsistent with ensuring the health and safety of participants and staff the University reserves the right to provide programmes  through alternative means including online teaching. Where teaching or examinations/assessment must be provided virtually because of a pandemic, or other circumstances beyond the University’s control, the student will not be entitled to a refund, discount or fee waiver.

However, Said Business School recognises that students who enrol for its on-campus Open Programmes are in a fundamentally different position to University students who enrol for a course lasting 1-3 years or more, since the very short duration of courses on the SBS Open Programme means that students may miss out on their only opportunity to benefit from key experiences of networking face-to-face with other professionals and academics in specific industry sectors or disciplines during a residential programme in Oxford. Therefore, for Open Programme participants at SBS only, the University has agreed that:

1.    SBS will notify students six weeks prior to an Open Programme commencing whether it is not going to be possible to teach the programme on-campus in Oxford. 
2.    If the programme is not capable of being provided on-campus in Oxford as scheduled then SBS will give the participant the opportunity to either:

a.    Attend a virtual format of the programme (the cost of which will be confirmed at the point of notification); or
b.    Transfer to an alternative on-campus programme scheduled at a later date. This is subject to availability without incurring a transfer fee.

3.    However, where costs payable to third party service providers have been incurred which cannot be recouped by SBS (e.g. if hotels providing accommodation do not provide full refunds) the student will remain liable for the irrecoverable costs. 
4.    The University will not be liable for participant’s travel costs or related expenses in any circumstances.

Need for compliance by all participants with health and safety measures:

When any programme goes ahead face to face in Oxford as planned then:

(1) all participants must comply with health and safety requirements or instructions given by SBS from time to time (including any measures necessary to limit risk of spreading Covid-19); and

(2) SBS reserves the right to take measures necessary to ensure the health and safety of participants and staff including (without limitation) the right to:

I.    Impose requirements on participants regarding personal protective equipment such as the wearing of face masks;
II.    Require social distancing between participants and staff, including the right to limit participant numbers in any area at one time;
III.    Limit or vary food or drink availability;
IV.    Require use of hand sanitiser when entering any location;
V.    Require participants to use designated separate entrance and exit routes;
VI.    Place restrictions on any planned entertainment during events;
VII.    Restrict the numbers of overnight stays if applicable.