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We work with partners to share, value and showcase the role and power of business schools in meaningfully taking action to address the climate emergency.

Collaborating for climate leadership

Former Dean, and Peter Moores Professor of Finance, Peter Tufano makes the case that some problems are too big, too intertwined, and too laced with externalities to be solved by simple competition. Sectors need to collaborate and that includes business schools as he explains in The Economist.

Leadership in extraordinary times

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic we ran a special series of events tackling the big challenges that business faces and looking at the world we want to build as we emerge from the pandemic and an economic crisis. The webinars ranged from asking how capital markets can take sustainability to the next level to young people setting the agenda on the Race to Zero in transport and fossil fuels and food and agriculture

Reimagine podcast

Reimagine is a fascinating podcast about people who are inventing the future. Peter Drobac, the Director of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship meets the social entrepreneurs who see things differently.

Climate emergency playbook

The business playbook: How to declare a climate emergency and take climate action launched at COP25. Developed in partnership with B Lab UK and the B Team, this tool provides case studies and practical steps businesses can take to address the climate emergency.