Richard Cuthbertson

Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Oxford Institute of Retail Management

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Richard is a leading expert in the development of consumer-facing businesses in a data rich world, where the diversity of customer experiences, formats, and channels combine to create a challenging environment for firms, supply chains, and public policy.

Richard's interest in consumer service businesses focuses on the interactions between customers, technology, and the firm, as well as their influence on society and economic development.

As well as being the author of over 100 published articles and books, Richard has extensive experience of leading international research teams to investigate the future of customer and supplier relationships, performance measurement, and service innovation.

Richard earned his undergraduate degree at Lancaster University Management School and his PhD at the University of Southampton. After a commercial career in distribution management and marketing operations, he became a senior lecturer at Bournemouth University before joining Saїd Business School.

Richard is a past Fellow of the Finland Distinguished Professor Programme (2015-2017), was awarded the Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence (2010), and the Pegasus Prize for eBusiness Future Insights (2006).


  • Consumer services, society, and economy
  • Retail and distribution management
  • Supply chain management
  • Performance measurement
  • Service innovation
  • Service operations and strategy


Richard's research focuses on the interactions between customers, technology, and the firm, as well as their influence on society and economic development.



  • Richard Cuthbertson,
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Technology and Operations Management
  • Richard Cuthbertson,
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Technology and Operations Management

De-internationalization of transactional platforms: an exploratory case study(opens in new window)

  • Journal article
  • International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research
  • Arto Lindblom,
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  • Richard Cuthbertson
Technology and Operations Management
  • Lauri Paavola
Technology and Operations Management
  • M Mukherjee,
  • R Ramirez,
  • Richard Cuthbertson
Technology and Operations Management
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Richard works with practitioners and policy makers across the world regarding consumer services.

As well as working with governments in Europe, Asia and North America, Richard works alongside practitioners, such as Sainsbury's, Intel, P&G, BP, Santander, and KPMG, to better understand the transformation of consumer services.

Through a mixture of research projects, executive education programmes and consultancy, Richard has educated retailers about the changing nature of consumer services, helping them to understand the impact of digital technology on consumer society. His work has direct practical implications for the sector.

Richard has sat on Boards and steering groups in public policy and business associations, such as the industry-led Global Scorecard Initiative and European Commission review bodies.  He is a past Board Member of the Charity Retail Association.

Richard has given expert comment on retailing issues to newspapers, business magazines and broadcasters around the world, including the BBC, Retail Week and The Times of India.


Richard teaches graduates, senior business executives and board directors.

Richard teaches graduates, board directors, senior business executives and policy makers.

Richard’s teaching focuses on developing supply chains, service systems, new business models, customer experiences, and the future of consumer services.

Current programmes include:

  • MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Scenarios research

He also contributes to the Oxford Strategic Innovation Programme, and the Oxford Leading Professional Service Firms Programme, both delivered online. 

My philosophy is to try to get students to understand the big picture and to challenge existing mindsets.

Richard Cuthbertson