Pegram Harrison

Senior Fellow in Entrepreneurship

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Pegram's research and teaching concern entrepreneurship and leadership in an entrepreneurial context.

He is a member of the Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and of Brasenose College, Oxford.

He teaches entrepreneurship (pre-start-up, opportunity recognition and business planning) and leadership (especially in entrepreneurial contexts) to executives and Diploma students, as well as on the MBA and undergraduate programmes.

He also conducts research at the intersection of business and social issues, and on projects relating to business education, particularly for women entrepreneurs in Muslim communities.

Pegram received a BA in Literature from Yale University, a PhD in English Literature and Indian History from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from the London Business School. Before joining Saїd Business School in 2008, he taught entrepreneurship and strategy at the European Business School, London, and was Director of the Emerging Leaders Programme at the London Business School. He has also taught literature and history at New York University and Birkbeck College at the University of London.

Pegram has worked as a strategy consultant around the world for both public and private sector organisations, as well as for governments in both developed and developing countries.

He is a founder member of the Pan European Entrepreneurship Research Group, an association of researchers based at Paris-Dauphine University who work on European entrepreneurship and higher education.


  • Entrepreneurial leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and Islam
  • Entrepreneurship education

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Pegram's research is based around two main themes:

  1. Entrepreneurial leadership
  2. Women's entrepreneurship and Islam


Islamic insights on entrepreneurial leadership

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  • MA Roomi
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  • Pegram Harrison
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Training needs for women‐owned SMEs in England(opens in new window)

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  • Pegram Harrison
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Pegram engages widely with industry, government and various public sector bodies.

He has delivered policy-related consulting and executive education programmes to groups including the UK Foreign Office, the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration, the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, British Council India, and Women in Equity, a Paris-based research group working on issues of gender in entrepreneurship.

Pegram has worked with governments in developing and developed countries. For example, in his work with the Prime Minister's office of Malaysia, he has helped to facilitate the implementation of policies around innovation and entrepreneurship for economic development. 

In his executive education programmes, Pegram is committed to helping participants return to their roles better equipped to make major impacts thanks to improved leadership skills and more entrepreneurial mindsets. For instance, in his work with DP World of Dubai, he has focused on leadership development for the next generation of executives who will run one of the world’s largest logistics organisations. This is involved in projects such as building the largest container port in the UK.

In addition to his teaching and research on entrepreneurship, Pegram consults at the intersection of business and social issues, and on projects relating to business education, particularly for women entrepreneurs in Muslim communities. He likes to work where there are clearly defined values at three levels: individual, organisational and societal; to try to achieve engagement broadly, as well as, in focused ways. This has led Pegram to consult strategically with civil service organisations, NGOs and private companies which have essential roles in positive economic development.

He is a founding member of the Pan European Entrepreneurship Research Group, which links researchers from a variety of European institutions at the Université de Paris Dauphine.


Pegram has wide-ranging teaching expertise.

Pegram directs or contributes to a large number of custom-designed programmes for diverse organisations such as Dubai Ports World, the UK National Council for Entrepreneurship in Education, various government ministries in Malaysia, CommerzBank, and Discovery Holdings in South Africa.

He supervises DPhil students working within his areas of interest, including entrepreneurship and Islam, and entrepreneurship and leadership.

Pegram's teaching style reflects his interest in experiential learning. He says, 'I'm very interested in giving students the opportunity to learn from each other; and try to use a lot of interdisciplinary perspectives such as history, literature and music.' For example, he has developed workshops based on film and music to develop team-working and leadership skills.

He lectures on the growth of the University of Oxford at various points in its history as an illustration of entrepreneurial leadership. And especially with executive education clients in the Middle East and South Asia, he uses teaching activities and case studies relating to the historical spread of Islam through trade and kinship networks.

In executive education, Pegram contributes across programmes, including Advanced Management and Leadership, Impact Investing, High Performance Leadership, Responsible Ownership, Women Transforming Leadership, and numerous others within the School, including:

  • MBA and EMBA
  • Oxford Diploma in Organisational Leadership
  • Undergraduate Economics and Management Degree

He also contributes to programmes across the online portfolio, including Women's Leadership Development and Leading Professional Service Firms. 

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