Creative Destruction Lab - Oxford Student Programme


Experience up close the challenges of building scalable technology-based ventures. #BuildSomethingMassive


The programme will expose you to the world of entrepreneurship and provide an opportunity to interact with early-stage, science-based companies.

You can apply to work with technical founders admitted to the Creative Destruction Lab Programme (CDL) on bespoke projects. We provide a unique perspective on the entrepreneurial ecosystem by allowing you to observe otherwise hidden interactions between founders, mentors, investors and other stakeholders. You then apply and make practical use of the foundational academic concepts you learned in your core classes.

We work with start-ups employing innovations in technology that promise a chance of delivering massive improvements to economic productivity and human welfare.


Programme outline

CDL Discovery


This is an opportunity to dive into the world of CDL before applying to work with a start-up on a Consulting Project. You can attend a CDL Session, debrief and workshop. 

You will gain insight into the mentorship process and witness how founders present their start-ups and in turn how they are evaluated by investors and other founders. 


CDL Consulting Project


Upon completion of CDL Discovery, you can apply to work on a competitive CDL Consulting Project and engage in hands-on, project-based learning in the real world of entrepreneurship. Supported by tutorials, workshops and debriefs, you accompany a venture in its progression through CDL. 

The culmination is the delivery of a business narrative Consulting Project that will help the venture succeed in CDL.

You learn to apply business concepts in real-world settings, in real-time. By working with the ventures and observing the sessions, you will be exposed to essential higher-level management skills.


CDL Discovery

  • 1 September - registration for CDL Discovery opens
  • 2 October - registration for CDL Discovery closes




CDL Consulting Project

You should complete CDL Discovery before applying for the CDL Consulting Project. The application involves a separate form where you are asked to submit a two-minute video and outline your motivations for applying. You can work on projects in AI, Climate, FinTech and Space.

  • December 1 - applications for the CDL Consulting Project open 
  • December 15 - applications for the CDL Consulting Project close

2022/23 Cohort statistics


Cohort size


Applications received


Projects delivered by student teams

40 hours

Average time spent on projects


Internships offered


'CDL was an absolute highlight of the MBA. It was the right blend of practice and theory- the chance to work directly with startups and founders, the opportunity to hear from VCs and advisers, and the workshops with mentors and professors all balanced each other for an ideal immersion experience.'

Daniel Bu | 2021/22 MBA Graduate


Interacting with the ventures, joining their unique journey and gaining access to the wisdom from the Mentors created a unique avenue for an MBA student to dive into the world of entrepreneurship, science and technology.

Paaras Belandor

2022/23 MBA Candidate

'CDL was a fantastic, eye-opening experience that gave me the opportunity to work with brilliant entrepreneurs while also helping me build a valuable network for my future career in venture capital. CDL was a great complement to my other MBA courses, putting the skills I learnt in the classroom into practice.'

Fredrik Andersson Guldkula | 2022/23 MBA Candidate

The CDL programme was a great way to dive into the world of highly innovative, early-stage start-ups and to be inspired by a whole ecosystem that makes life-changing innovations possible.

Alaa Baazaoui

DPhil Student, Division of Structural Biology, University of Oxford